How Do We Really Make American Great Again?

A vote is a terrible thing to waste, and some Republicans seem prepared to waste theirs.

We are faced with the charge in this Republican primary to identify and nominate the most qualified candidate to lead our country. Given the dire state of our union after eight years of a liberal/socialist/progressive administration, the consequences or our choice cannot be overstated.

93 million Americans not in the work force; millions more Americans in poverty, added during Obama. And when welfare runs out, America added millions more to disability.

We have increased racial and gender division, increased domestic and global terrorism, and a porous border yielding millions of illegal immigrants invited by the Obama administration to come and share in the entitlements we can’t afford to give to our own citizens.

This is why choosing leaders is important. We need to make America great again. Where have I heard that?

There is great disarray in our camp; bullying, name calling, accusations of lying, cheating and even the age old talking about your mother is not off limits. Politics as usual, some would say. Perhaps. But there is one candidate who seems to partake of the nastiness of politics more than the others, and that candidate is Donald Trump. Let’s look at the the undercarriage of Trump’s bus:

  • Rand “Stupid” Paul
  • Jeb “Momma’s Boy…No Energy” Bush
  • Ben “Pathological Disease…No Energy” Carson
  • Carly “Ugly” Fiorina
  • Ted “Nasty Canadian” Cruz

And you can bet that he will soon be attacking Marco “Can’t pay his bills” Rubio for daring to move up in the polls.

Trump engages in ‘drive-by politics’, and the media loves him for it, not lingering long enough to analyze the fallout. Trump doesn’t debate issues, but attempts to assassinate his opponent’s character, then let the news cycle do the rest.

Funny how long it took Trump to respond to this Tweet from Senator Ben Sasse, given Trump’s new-found religion:

Trump’s response:

The Trump  phenomenon is not all about Trump’s record. When that record is analyzed, it would actually scare any true Republican or Conservative. Take the Syrian refugees he claimed we had to take in because we are a compassionate nation, then several days later proclaimed we need to stop all Muslims from entering the country. And what of Planned Parenthood, whom he said he would defund completely. A few days later he explained that Planned Parenthood was really two organizations: one that did abortions, and one that protected women’s health. I’m guessing that change was precipitated on showing how much The Donald cares about women?

No wonder Jimmy Carter called Trump “malleable.” Bendable to the whims and will of whatever will make him popular? That too sounds familiar.

What the Trump phenomenon demonstrates is the Republican faithful, the pious, Conservative “true-Red” patriots will willingly and easily give up on their principles to follow a ‘cult of personality’.

Trump’s modis operandi is

If you love me, I will love you back. But if you don’t worship me forever, I will abandon you like a rich man’s first wife!”

Trump has spoken highly of Megyn Kelly, until she dared question him more harshly than he felt was necessary. There was the pastor who is a friend of Trump’s, but backed Cruz. Trump went on a Twitter rampage against him, saying he is a “fraud.” This list of “love them then hate them” for Trump is long, and quite unjustified. People will not always agree with you, even if you are worth $10 billion.

If elected, Trump would indeed build a coalition, a team to help him. The danger is what would that team consists of? Would it be people who run around saying, “Yes, President Trump…You’re amazing Mr. President” and so on?

I, like many Republicans will vote for Trump, should he become the Republican nominee. Despite his failings, he would be better than the alternative. But understand that we might not be much different than those who elected the previous “cult of personality,” and we will have to suffer our fate.








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