Barack Obama: Biggest Threat to National Security in History

Much is being said about Donald Trump in the wake of his truthful declaration about Muslims. We simply can’t trust those who are here, so we certainly can’t be bringing any new ones in.

As if there isn’t enough evidence of what happens when you have too many Muslims?

Yet, we have morons like former CIA Director Michael Hayden who says that Trump’s statements (of truth) have “made the United States less safe.”

The notion here is that without the help of the “good” Muslims, we can’t fight the “bad” Muslims that Obama and his Muslim-loving Leftists have allowed into the United States. The very same Muslims who, according to FBI Director James B. Comey, have set up terror cells in ALL 50 STATES!

Add to this the recent admission by former FBI Counterterrorism Agent John Guandolo, that since 911 Muslims have done nothing to help America fight the War on Islamic Terror.

Despite this, In an interview with Politico, Hayden called Trump a bigger threat to national security than Hillary Clinton.

I’m no Trumpian, but I know that Trump is no threat to America. Hillary Clinton on the other hand is an American-made “dirty bomb,” and the idea that the Left would even WANT her should scare all Americans.

Worse than that, the biggest threat to American national security sits in the White House. NEVER has America been under this much potential for terrors inside and outside, than during the time of Barack Obama. This man set out to allow Muslim infiltration of our government, military, and communities, and he has been successful. He fights daily for Muslims. When Muslims commit atrocities, Obama “reminds” us that it’s OUR fault.

Trump in comparison to either of these traitors, be it Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is a breath of national security fresh air.

I’m sick of hearing how we need Muslims to protect ourselves. We don’t need Muslims to protect ourselves. We have Americans!





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