Obama: So What An Old White Republican Lady Died

I have learned that Barack Obama will not attend the funeral of Nancy Reagan.

According to the Daily Caller, he will be in Austin at the South by Southwest Festival. And why not? Nobody important to him died.

Obama, recall is the man who said that being president is a sacrifice. Your life is no longer your own, he implied. It’s toiling day in and day out tending to issues of state. Well this is an issue of state. It’s not like there are that many more old white people will die on his watch. But Barack is too busy looking for the next PAR-TAY!

Dennis Miller on Obama skipping funeralIf there was ever a “Party President,” it’s Barack Obama. He can party with under threats of violence by nuclear attack or with real violence, like when consulates are under attack. Nothing stops the man from hanging with the homies.

Michelle Obama however drew the short straw on this funeral, as Biden said, “I had to go to the LAST THREE, including those of two black thugs I didn’t even know.”

For Michelle, this funeral will be no drive-by like she and Barry did with Scalia. Nope, Michelle will have to sit through every agonizing minute as people discuss the love shared by the Reagans, and Nancy Reagan’s indelible legacy to the best period in American history.

For the first time in her adult life, she will attend a funeral of a Republican white woman.


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