171,000 Percent Profit: Deal That Would Make Trump Proud

Here’s what happens when Liberals run cities. They sell distressed properties for pennies on the dollars. So what the buyer is a drug kingpin, who sets up a crackhouse in the basement.

As long as they payola keeps coming, no harm no foul.

As reported by the New York Post,

The wife of a Harlem drug kingpin tried to bank a nearly half-million-dollar profit by selling their apartment, which she bought from the city for just $250, but Manhattan prosecutors are saying, not so fast — because the couple turned the pad into an “angel dust” den.

Nicole Moultrie bought the apartment in 2004 as part of a city program to encourage home ownership for low​-​ and middle-income families. She sold it last year for $430,000, prosecutors said in court documents filed this week.

That’s a deal that even The Donald would have to to tip his “Make America Great Again” hat to. 171,900 percent profit! That, my friends is the art of the deal!

One has to wonder, what went wrong for the authorities to crack down on these two. Did they forget to make that “campaign contribution?” I’m willing to bet this deal happened in Democrat Representative and New York slum lord Charlie Rangel’s district, but I can’t say for sure. It’s certainly par for the course, as black thugs get to peddle their wares in black neighborhoods with virtual immunity.

The story continues,

They want the profit seized as illegal gains from the drug business​, saying in the court documents that by 2010, her husband, Lamont Moultrie, had turned the building at 101 W. 115th St​.​ into the hub of his empire.

The place reeked of ​drugs and chemicals, officials said. The vacant apartment next door to the Moultries’ became a storage closet for PCP and supplies. Crack cocaine and 9mm bullets were found in the basement.

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