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Hillary Clinton is unbeatable, right? And that’s why a 74-year old Jewish socialist is a rat’s hair away from doing exactly that.

Consider all that Sanders has going against him, and then remind me how Hillary Clinton is unbeatable? Sanders is an avowed socialist, and a man who has accomplished exactly NOTHING meaningful in life.

The Washington Post admits that Hillary is beatable, just not by a billionaire businessman or a man described by Leftist Alan Dershowitz as the smartest student he taught at Harvard.

Take two minutes to flip through the new NBC-Wall Street Journal poll and you are left with two very clear takeaways:

1. Hillary Clinton is deeply vulnerable in a general election.

2. Donald Trump and, to a lesser extent, Ted Cruz, are the exact wrong candidates to take advantage of Clinton’s weaknesses.

That is the reality that faces Republicans as they look down the road at the general election.  A totally winnable race after eight years out of the White House that may be unwinnable — or close to it — because of a primary process that has put forward two of their least appealing general election candidates.

Nobody, repeat NOBODY figured Sanders would be in the mix at this point, most of all Hillary Clinton. Sanders has forced Hillary Clinton to pivot so much she looks like an owl watching a tennis match.

The media would like us to believe that the GOP’s two top guys can’t beat Hillary Clinton. Oh, but our distant third place contender would hand Hillary her ass. Sure, I’ll bite. So with that logic, Bill Clinton and Ted Bundy should throw Spring Break parties.



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