One Man’s $246,000 Student Loan Debt Paid by Taxpayers

Education is a racket, just like Liberalism.

Liberals promise kids a stellar education, then jobs after they graduated from college, and they get bubkis.

Not only are Liberals not educating students, they are saddling them with so much debt, they can’t live a reasonable life. So ultimately they become wards of the state. The Fed by way of the American taxpayer picks up EVERYTHING!

So it comes as no surprise that when Robert Murphy sued to get his $246,000 debt paid by us, he was successful.

In a major victory for a Duxbury father, a federal appeals court has urged a bankruptcy judge to consider a settlement that would allow the man to erase more than $246,000 he still owes on student loans he borrowed to send his three children to college.

Robert Murphy, whose case was being watched nationally amid growing concern about escalating education debt, said he was grateful to be able to move on with his life but believes more must be done to help people who can’t repay their loans through no fault of their own.

“We’re looking at a closed door,” said the 65-year-old Murphy, who was unable to find work after losing his job 14 years ago and is now facing foreclosure. “I’m not saying that you swing the door open and let every Tom, Dick, and Harry write off their loans, but if they can’t pay them back through no fault of their own and the situation is out of their control, then they shouldn’t be penalized.”

I certainly feel for a guy who has $246,000 of debt. And many people are saying, “Kevin, he did it for his KIDS!”

My very poor grandparents told me, “We have no money for college for you, so GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!” I got scholarships. They told me that when I as 12, so I would have plenty of time to plan.

Parents are idiots who save like maniacs to pay for their kids’ college. That is Step One of Liberalism. After paying for everything to get a kid to adulthood, treat them like a child and pay for college.

Where are we now? College is an ENTITLEMENT, right! And you have to ask how we got here? I know how we got here!

The fact this man amassed this much debt is based on his stupidity! How many kids needed to NOT get jobs out of college before he realized the futility of his actions.

The story continues,

The Educational Credit Management Corp., a company hired by the US Department of Education to assume Murphy’s student loans after he filed a bankruptcy petition in 2012, had vigorously fought Murphy’s efforts to get his loans discharged for four years. A bankruptcy judge and district court judge ruled that Murphy failed to prove repaying the loans was an undue hardship, as required under the bankruptcy law.

Isn’t paying ANY loan an undue hardship?

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