Hillary Clinton dogged by Hollywood Elitist

I can’t think of much worse than an endorsement from Sean Penn, except dating him. What next for Hillary Clinton? An endorsement from Charles Manson?

If it weren’t for money, Sean Penn would have to enter the monastery; he’s a nasty dude. Even money doesn’t make Penn that much more appealing.

Penn is the typical anti-American Leftist slimeball that NOBODY, repeat NOBODY in Hollywood would piss on, if he were on fire.

I’m no real fan of Penn, whom I believe is the most over-rated actor in Hollyweird. Guys like him use politics to keep their lackluster careers moving. So it’s no surprise that Penn has inserted himself into the political mainstream again, as the actor/activist says he’s backing Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump this election year.

Penn was profiled in this weekend’s Financial Times, and he told the periodical’s media editor Matthew Garrahan that he first backed Bernie Sanders. He didn’t say why he switched, but who cares.

Penn has disdain for Trump, saying,

“It doesn’t matter what Trump says because all he is doing is selling.”

“It’s masturbatory populism. It’s really an opportunity for one man to have a group celebration of his own narcissism.”

I know! Funny to hear a Hollyweirdo refer to somebody as a narcissist, especially a professional narcissist like Penn. The guy who will save the world by meeting with dictators.

Penn went further in his bid for public lunacy, as he told FT that Hillary should pick Republican John Kasich as his vice-presidential running mate. Then we would have two women running on the Democratic ticket!

Penn did showcase a small dose of reality, when he said,

“It’s not a big leap to think of me as a loudmouth, limousine liberal,” claiming that he is beyond labels. That’s Libturd for, “I know Obama sucked, and made me rethink a lot.”

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