Hillary Clinton: Gangs Are Like Family

Leave it to a lying, crooked Democrat like Hillary Clinton to explain family to America.

Here I thought family was a mother and father raising their children together in neighborhoods where the family feels safe, and can live the American Dream. According the Hillary Clinton, black kids see gang-banging as getting a new family!

What a distorted view on family, and an even more distorted view on cause and effect! This f’g Liberal moron wants to fun the country, and she can connect simply dots.

Kids don’t join gangs to replace family, they join gangs to belong. Kids join gangs, because Liberals have DESTROYED their families.

You think Chelsea Clinton ever considered joining a gang? What about the Kennedy children? You think any of these bourgeois white Leftists’ children are in any danger of joining gangs?

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No, because they don’t live in gang-infested neighborhoods, and this is because these children have TWO loving parents, who keep them out of harm’s way. Leave the gang-banging for the low-information voter, ergo blacks and Latinos who are stupid enough to support Hillary “Gang Loving” Clinton.


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