The Crazy List of Conservative Demands

When it comes to Conservative Americans, we really don’t ask for much. We have contributed greatly to the building of the greatest country the planet has ever known, and we are the least to pound our chests about it.

There is no need to list the things we have done for others, as that list is far too long. But now we want a few things for ourselves.

  • Politicians should be held accountable for their crimes, and we demand FULL transparency.
  • Put “GOD” back in America !!!
  • Our borders should be closed or tightly guarded!
  • Rules for ordinary citizens apply to ALL politicians. They get the same retirement and healthcare as everybody else.
  • Politicians must obey our laws NOW! Rules that apply to us, apply to them.
  • English only. If you learn another language, fine. But we only speak and print documents in English.
  • We have ONE culture; the American culture. It produces the American Dream. Note: there is NO OTHER DREAM!
  • Mandatory Drug Screening before and while on welfare!
  • No freebies to Non-Citizens!
  • Balance the budget to be followed by Audit the Fed!
  • Stop giving foreign countries our money, especially those who hate us!
  • Fix the TAX CODE, and take the power away from the politicians and the IRS.

You have anything to add?!


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