Trump Puts GOP On Notice

Politics is business, that’s why insiders call politics “The Business of Washington.”

Deals are cut for just about everything, just like the stock market. And like the stock market, politics is for the most part rigged.

So when Trump comes along and explains how the game is played, the establishment doesn’t like him. I’m talking about the Liberals on BOTH sides of the aisle, as most Republicans today are Democrat-lite.

The big payday is the reward for playing the game. The parties like it when the candidate will help the ticket. That means make sure that the “little people” who have paved the way get theirs too. They love candidates who are willing to make sure that all the minions get elected, minions being the people who will do what they are told when they are told.

But Trump had this to say in the Daily Mail about helping the ticket:

Donald Trump says he’s willing to dig deep into his pocketbook to beat Hillary Clinton in the general election.

‘If it were short of money, for myself I would put up my own money,’ he said of his campaign during an interview that aired Sunday on Meet the Press. ‘I would put up whatever I need to win.’

That offer doesn’t extend to any other GOP candidates, though. If fundraising falls flat within the party with Trump at the top of the ticket, they’re on their own.

‘I wouldn’t be that generous with it outside, frankly,’ he said of his personal wealth. ‘People have to contribute money. People have to endorse. People have to really come through.’

This system has the taxpaying regular Joe losing every time.

Do I think the top guy on the ticket should help the ticket, sure. But he does that by establishing the ground game, the rules, and not just with money. Boehner was supposedly an amazing fundraiser, which is why he became Speaker. It wasn’t that he was so good for Conservatives or Republicans but how good he was with keeping his people in order. Boehner ruled with an gold wallet along with his iron fist.

Recently some #NeverTrump people referenced a report from CNN that Trump needed $100,000 to combat an ad that Hillary was running. They told of Trump’s desperation. How laughable is that. A man who last tax return had him earning roughly $550,000,000 and CNN says he’s looking for “chump change.”

The media and Trump detractors would like people to believe that Trump is desperate for money. That’s logically nonsense, but if it makes them feel better, then why stop them from their delusion. The narrative will soon be that crooked Hillary is flush with funds, and Trump is struggling.

The Daily Mail article continues:

Even if he can’t compete with Clinton in cash, Trump said he doesn’t think that will matter.

‘I think because i’m a different kind of a candidate….I think that win either way.’

Trump is right. Clinton has a lot more missteps to make and Trump will continue to gain followers, including some of the #NeverTrump. But who cares about them, as the former Democrat-always voters are taking a hard look at Trump, and they will be crooked Hillary’s undoing.

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