What BLM Won’t Discuss About Alton Sterling

There are things BLM won’t discuss about Alton Sterling. To hear the Left spin it, Alton Sterling was an amazing entrepreneur who died at the hands of police hunting black men.

Interestingly, America finds itself in a Great Depression of sorts, at least for blacks. White America may be coming of the head cold of the recession, however black America still suffers from pneumonia. This issue is something BLM won’t discuss.

Alton Sterling represents a great example of Liberal black America. On the night of his death, Sterling was on his hustle. Because Sterling couldn’t get a real job.

Sterling was a felon. And I do mean he’s is a felon. A rap sheet as long as a Polish last name. Sterling was in no way sterling, at least not when it comes to being a solid citizen.

Many in “black America” are in the same predicament. Some are criminals, so they too have excuses to be on the hustle. Others blacks were simply sold a bill of goods. They find themselves out of work, victims of the Left. Victims of themselves, as well, thus many of them hustle as well.

Leftist white America, the group who created Sterling and his ilk, must now forgive him. No matter what. They sugar-coat his past, and provide the necessary excuses for bad behavior.

Obama wants the Sterlings of the world to not even have to tell you they are criminals. They want you to hire the accountant that embezzled, or the murderer who killed his last boss to pay for drugs he later sold on the street. What you don’t know won’t hurt you.

This is why Sterling’s activities need to be soft-shoed. Sterling brandished a gun, in order to demand that people buy his CDs. George Bush, nor Ronald Reagan, not even Donald Trump made the call that led to his death. But here’s who did, as reported by Breitbart:

A senior source in law enforcement reportedly says the 911 call that led to the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling early Tuesday morning came from a homeless man, who said that Sterling brandished a gun after repeatedly asking for money.

The CNN report seems to fly in the face of the repeated narrative from Black Lives Matter activists that Sterling was “killed for selling CDs” and may offer some insight into the altercation with Baton Rouge police that led to Sterling’s death.

The Left make Sterling an entrepreneur, merely making ends meet.

I spoke to a young man who kept referring to the video. The part where Sterling wrestles with the police officers, then gets shot.

I asked him how the police should have responded to a man they were told had a weapon? One has to know that the first order of business was to secure the weapon. They likely asked him if he had a weapon.

My bet is he said, “No.”

Regardless, the next step would be for the police to verify this for themselves. To do this, they would need to handcuff Sterling.

If Sterling cooperates, we have nothing to discuss. If he doesn’t, the police go from “on alert” to HIGH alert. When that happens, we get what we saw in the video.

An interesting factoid for the Left is that blacks are 8 times more likely to resist arrest than whites.

From January 2010 to April 24 of this year, law enforcement officers cited suspects with resisting arrest 9,633 times in cases where the suspect was not charged with a felony. African Americans accounted for 45 percent of those cited, even though they make up just 6 percent of the city’s population.

In New York, the Left blames the cops for this as reported by The Mic.

According to their findings, just 15% of New York Police Department arresting officers generate over 50% of all “resisting arrest” charges, while an even smaller group of just 5% accounted for over 40% of those incidents.

That statistics again: Just 5% of the entire NYPD (roughly 34,500 officers) were involved in over 40% of the city’s “resisting arrest” incidents.

As in the cases of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Jamar Clark, the death of Alton Sterling was easily avoidable. All these men needed to do was NOT resist arrest.

#BLM won’t discuss this, because they look for nothing but excuses.

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