Kerry in Russia: Syrian War Benefits Russia and ISIS

There can be no doubt that the Syrian war has produced an overwhelming flood of refugees. The Syrian war benefits Russia.

According to General Phil Breedlove, Nato’s Supreme Allied Commander for Europe and the US European Command, the strategies being used by Russia and Syria are meant to increase the numbers of fleeing refugees. The Syrian war create a mass exodus is a strategy. Further it is believe that in some cases the attacks are planned in order to create the human horde being unleashed all over the world.

Before I connect the dots, it should be noted that John Kerry is in Russia meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is supposedly an unsanctioned trip:

This coming on just before the attempted coup in Turkey raises eyebrows. Back to the Russian Syrian connection.

In speaking to the Senate Armed Services Committee Breedlove testified:

“Together Russia and the Assad regime are deliberately weaponizing migration in an attempt to overwhelm European structures and break European resolve.”

Anders Aslund, a Russian economic policy expert was interviewed where he discussed the Russian military bombing civilian areas in Syria:

“…increase the stream of refugees to Europe which brings the EU out of balance.”

Putin has many reasons to see the EU break apart . According to news outlets, Moscow has been funding far-right groups in European countries like France and others for the purpose of undermining unity. Where nations are destabilized, money is made; just ask George Soros.

Why is Russia upset with the EU?

Economic sanctions were placed on Russia by the EU after Russia bullied their way into the Ukraine in 2014. In that invasion, Russia annex Crimea. When the price of oil dropped significantly, it left Russia hurting economically.

What better way for Russia to regain stature on the world scene than to see the EU crumble. Thus Putin could take control of Ukraine and the Baltic States, bringing power and respect back to the Motherland. The destabilization causes Russian people to put their faith back into their leader. A reinvigorated Russia offers a renewed since of pride.

Nothing seems to be working in his favor more than an influx of refugees creating unrest and chaos wherever they have gone, either by the obvious economic strain, rioting in the streets or being party to massive increases in sexual assaults. The same consequences of importing migrants served to push the British to exit the EU in the historic leave vote on June 23rd, 2016.

Aslund stated,

“Putin has orchestrated an organized destabilization campaign against the EU, and he is willing to see it through. The worse it is [in Europe], the better it is for Putin.”

The Islamic movement, whose two main goals are Sharia Law and the global Caliphate, must be celebrating as the hijra is being carried out by millions of Islamic refugees who are settling in Europe and America.

Ironically, the immigration is largely funded by the United States and the EU. Talk about a win-win situation for Islamic countries. They establish power in non-Muslim lands by unloading large people groups who will be fed, housed, and clothed by the host nation, while they increase their numbers. Aren’t there insects that do the same thing?

Ann Corcoran’s book, Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America explains:

Hijra means migration and, according to Islam’s doctrines and its quietly acknowledged organizational strategies, the goal of migration today is not peaceful assimilation to the political system and mores of the host country. Instead, the goal is jihad by non-violent means-known as civilization jihad or Islamization.”

The hijra changes the political and cultural landscape of a country through an increase in shear demographics.

A perfect example points to the newly elected mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, a Muslim who happens to have extensive ties to terrorism. The change in England happened seamlessly with a steady flow of Muslim immigrants and refugees over several decades along with their high birthrate.

Corcoran quotes Dutch Parliamentarian and leader of the Party for Freedom, Geert Wilders,

“…[O]ne can see that the threat from Islam doesn’t just come in the form of Islamic terrorism by suicide bombers trying to wreak havoc in our cities. More often, it comes in the form of gradual and incremental transformation of our societies and legal systems, or what is termed ‘Islamization’ of our democratic societies by the vast growing numbers of Muslim immigrants who are importing Islam into our Western way of life.”

The argument could be made that ending the Syrian conflict may be as simple as shutting the doors completely to Muslim refugees wanting to enter Western countries. Encouraging countries like Saudi Arabia, who have taken no refugees, to accept responsibility for them may further expose the underlying reason for the continued war.

It is clear that Russia and the Islamic movement gain power through the enduring Syrian conflict. Who knows how Russia will use that influence. It is clear, however, that the increase in Islamic demographics spells danger for Western Civilization.

What remains to be seen are leaders who will rise up to stop Muslim immigration which may save our way of life.

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