How Is Trump Tied With Hillary Clinton?

The Left is at it wits end. They act like sprayed roaches, as Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers nose-dive. How is Donald Trump tied with Hillary Clinton?

The Left tries to cover their deep concerns and project confidence. However the astute can easily recognize their problem. Hillary Clinton is seriously damage goods, and they know it. How else does Donald Trump poll statistically even in most polls. In truth, I suspect that Trump is winning. And as The Donald would say, “I’m winning…BIG!”

Trump feasts politically on the carcass of Hillary Clinton, yet the Huffington Post explains that Trump has no campaign.

As he heads for the Republican convention in Cleveland next week, Donald Trump’s campaign infrastructure remains severely underdeveloped. In some places it appears to be non-existent.

Perhaps my logic is flawed, but Trump polls pretty well for a guy with no campaign.

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Remember, only a couple of weeks ago the crooked Hillary Clinton campaign dropped tens of millions of dollars in battleground states to trounce Trump. That big spend was followed by Comey’s “clearing” Clinton of wrongdoing in the email scandal. The result: Trump is ahead in Florida, and statistically tied in Michigan and Ohio.

So we are clear, Hillary Clinton drops millions of dollars in battleground states. Next, she is then cleared of wrongdoing by the FBI. Finally, she campaigns with a sitting president in a battleground state, North Carolina. After all that, her poll numbers drop.

The article continues,

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee has been public about his belief that he can navigate his way to electoral victory on thin budgets and limited physical presence. But the degree to which his campaign is barebones may not be fully appreciated.

The Huffington Post attempted to call the contact phone numbers for the Trump campaign in all 50 states. A few of the state operations had no websites or no numbers listed. Many of the other numbers didn’t work. When we left voicemails, we didn’t get callbacks.

Yet again, Huffington Post wants us to believe that a man who is NOT spending money frivolously is the idiot?

What we are witnessing from Trump, knowingly or otherwise, is how to run a campaign correctly. I hope Trump’s spending strategy is indeed planned; a product of his financial genius. Lord knows in campaigns of the past, I have felt candidates threw money away like rappers at a strip club. Trump watches his money closely, and the Left just don’t understand fiscal responsibility.

Do they not see their own absurdity?

A presidential candidate shows fiscal responsibility, and leads in the polls, yet the Left see this as a negative?

A presidential candidate sets a strategy that has his opponent wasting money, as her poll numbers plummet, yet the Left see this as a negative?

Congratulations to Donald Trump for running a barebones campaign, and not having all the campaign offices yet. At this rate, he may never need them.




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