British BLM Movement Could Use More Black Deaths

The British BLM Movement needs help.

I’m not one to meddle in the affairs of foreigners. However since the British BLM movement involves blacks, I feel I can provide some counsel.

The terror group of Black Lives Matter, ergo BLM represents a fraudulent farce, as I’ve said many times. The supporters of the movement only need to hear “black person shot by police”, and they race to social media to decry all things sane.

In the recent death of Korryn Gaines, a woman who kept her child hostage as she shot at police, BLM claimed the police targeted and killed her for no reason. Yes America, the black Liberal community knows no bounds, when it comes to political and social insanity.

In an attempt to legitimize the movement, BLM wishes to spread around the world. Since brown countries don’t care about BLM and Africa loves killing blacks, the BLM movement must settle for Britain, at least for now.

As reported in the USA Today,

Black Lives Matter protesters blocked off a road leading to Heathrow Airport in the British capital Friday, causing traffic chaos.

The activists unfurled a banner with the words ‘this is a crisis’ and laid down on a turnoff from the M4 freeway heading to the airport, one of the world’s busiest.

Meanwhile, in the central English city of Nottingham, activists blocked trams by lying down on the tracks while other protests took place in the cities of Birmingham and Manchester, the group said.

The killing of blacks (in America!) by police outrages Brits.

They know the names of those killed by cops: Filando Castile, Alton Sterling, Eric Garner, Jamar Clark, Freddie Gray, and the what, six or seven other controversial cop killings over the past THREE DECADES!

Forget that Michael Brown, Jr, the father of this new Civil Rights movement got himself killed as he attempted to KILL A COP! Forget that almost all these blacks killed by police resisted arrest or TRIED TO KILL A COP!


But the reason for the Brits version of BLM amazes me. They are protesting the 2011 shooting of Mark Duggan.

I suggest that British blacks get BLACK names, so we can know when cops shoot a black guy. Try LaQuand or Jamar, for example.

Mark Duggan is the 29-year-old black man killed by police in north London that sparked riots in a number of cities in England. Yes, he’s the only black death by cop of significance in London, and the reason for the “revolution.”

However, the U.K. version of BLM has more. They also protest deaths in authorities’ custody and stop-and-searches in Britain.

Here’s the recap: one death since 2011, unnamed deaths while in police custody, AND the dreaded “stop and search.” It’s a indeed a CRISIS!

Where is the British Deray, when you need one?!




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