What Hillary Clinton’s Failing Health Means to You

As more and more reports surface about Clinton’s failing health….  OHHH WAIT DID YOU HEAR WHAT TRUMP SAID???

Unfortunately the mainstream media is doing what they do best drive their own agenda and narrative. In their dogged push of their agenda, they completely disregard a very important issue that has been making its way around social media.  The issue at hand is Hillary Clinton’s failing health.

Video has surfaced from various Clinton rallies where she appears dazed and confused at times while speaking to her followers.  All the while the mainstream media, the puppets of the left, continue to obsess over every single off color comment Trump makes.

While many may simply overlook this issue as they obsess over Trump’s latest comments it is extremely important to understand that the health of the president is of the utmost importance.  The media do the millennial generation a great disservice by not reporting the truth.  As a result, millennials do not consider the possible ramifications of Clinton’s failing health.

If mentally-challenged Hillary were no longer able to carry out the duties as president,  the next in line to the presidency would be her VP. Tim Kaine: her illegal immigrant pandering, big government pandering, liberal-minded VP Tim Kaine.

Further, Kaine has shown sympathy toward various Islamist groups. He seems equally obsessed with the farce of “climate change” as Clinton. In short, he represents Liberalism as much as brain-dead Hillary Clinton. Kaine may be a greater threat to the Republic than Hillary Clinton.

Too many millennials think in the “here and now”, focused only on the history of today.  They live on sound bites and twitter meme’s and hardly ever actually research to grasp a better understanding of the real issues we face today.

Additionally, they have no understanding of history and how the progressive agenda has almost destroyed the America people around the world dream to come to. Millennials are a big voting block who need to know the truth, so they can vote their futures.

Young Conservative




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