Clinton Seizure Spin: Beautiful Day in New York

We documented Hillary Clinton’s near “louie” off the curb. Then we exposed the “metal” piece that fell down her pant leg. It was no chastity belt, that’s for sure.

Now we get the beginning of the seizure spin.

The Clinton campaign claims that Hillary Clinton had pneumonia on Friday. But by Sunday, she was almost all better. Not to go all Scooby Doo on Hillary, but “She would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for that stupid SEIZURE!

Watch as Hillary Clinton leaves her daughter Chelsea’s multi-million dollar Manhattan abode. They made sure that NO Secret Service was around to prop her up. They likely hope the stick up her butt would do the trick.

When asked, “Are you ok?! What happened?!” Clinton commented that the weather in New York was fabulous.

I’m no medical doctor, but I do know a bit about pneumonia. The spin is that Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. On Sunday 9-11, she remained a bit under the weather, which cause her to almost fall flat on her fat head.

Clinton was taken to her daughter Chelsea’s multi-million dollar Manhattan residence, where some witch doctor laid hands on her.

Next we are to believe that Hillary Clinton was healed, and ready for the Autumn in New York. Ironically, in that film, the girl was terminally ill too. But I digress.

If Hillary Clinton had pneumonia, she would have had her robust buttocks either in a hospital or in a bed. Yet we witness Hillary Clinton saunter calmly from her daughter’s residence, no Secret Service detail to prop her up. Yes, Hillary was supported only by the stiff rod that is likely permanently up her butt to keep her from falling.

The little child runs over to meet her, an obvious photo op. I’m just shocked Hillary didn’t pick the child up, toss her in the air and catch her, just to make sure we knew how healthy she is. That would have been more impressive than opening the pre-opened pickle jar, Jimmy Kimmel!

Hillary Clinton can try to cover this up as a slight touch of pneumonia. But America and the world will see this scenario play out again. During the upcoming debates, Hillary won’t be able to use props. Trump would see them, and call her out.

She’s been exposed, and there is more to come.

How fitting this happened on 9-11. 15 years ago down came the Twin Towers. Today, down went the Clintons.

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