Entire Black Church Voting for Trump

In the next 60+ days, black people will begin supporting Trump in droves. Perhaps this black church represents the beginning.

I recently posted a video of rapper and actor Ice Cube saying that he chooses Trump over Hillary Clinton. Then there was hip-hop music mogul P-Diddy. He said to make Democrats come get the black vote, don’t just give it to them. Now the black church.

As we say in sales, Donald Trump is, “Asking for the order.” He recently ask black Liberals, “What do you have to lose?”

Trump’s declaration set off a firestorm with Democrats. Because Republicans are supposed to ignore black people.

Trump won’t ignore blacks. Actually he’s meeting blacks on their turf. And it’s working.

Antioch Road to Glory International Ministries has tired of the tactics of the Left. They recognize the devastation voting Democrat has done to the black community. That’s why the entire church declared they would support Trump.

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