Hillary Clinton’s Latest Blowup: More Signs of Sickness

When entitlement meets reality things can get ugly. In this case, “things” means Hillary Clinton.

At a Skype meeting with some union member in Vegas, Hillary Clinton had her latest blowup. She went “schizo”.

“Polls…YOU LIE!”

In case you weren’t aware America: It’s HER turn!

While on camera and with all the subtlety of a bull horn, Hillary wondered why she wasn’t ahead of Donald Trump BY FIFTY POINTS. As you can see in the video, the woman looks demonic.

Hillary Clinton’s behavior would have been considered weird even if we didn’t suspect she has a brain disease (other than Liberalism). However, given Clinton’s recent health scare lies, she added another nail to her coffin.

Hillary seems to be practicing, as if she didn’t realize she was live. The problem is: she KNEW SHE WAS LIVE!

Sadly, if it weren’t for Clinton looking psychotic, her audience would have been about the size of a bad PTO meeting.


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