Hillary Clinton Meltdown: Check out MSNBC Spin Montage

We chronicled the Hillary Clinton meltdown yesterday. What an amazing story, considering the significance of 9-11: the day Hillary Clinton failed 4 American citizens in Benghazi.

What’s perhaps more intriguing is how late the lamestream media came to the party. It took well over an hour before any significant media outside of FOX News covered the Hillary Clinton meltdown. Moreover, when the non-FOX “media” finally covered Clinton, the reports were laughable.

Here is a montage of comments from MSNBC that showcase the Leftist at work:

A quick review:

Clinton had to leave the World Trade Center memorial early, initially for unknown reasons. This confused MSNBC, until the campaign provided talking points:

“Hillary Clinton overheated and went to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment to recuperate.”

MSNBC took the bait, and suddenly weather in the high 70s and low 80s with some humidity became another Hurricane Katrina.

Next, the pundits focused on her attire. They talked of her “dark” suit. Apparently it absorbed too much heat. The anchor of the program, Alex Witt mentioned how hot and muggy it was for her. Thus the weather was certainly one of the potential causes for Hillary Clinton’s seizure dehydration.

“I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt when I came in earlier this morning. It was that horrible, the weather,” Witt said.

Witt on multiple occasions described the weather as “humid,” “horrible,” “ridiculously awful,” and “horrific.”

Witt then went from pundit to Fall wardrobe consultant. She opined that Clinton’s attire was clearly “horribly uncomfortable” for the heat.

At one point even coffee was blamed for Clinton’s medical episode, as Witt described what “too much coffee” does to her.

Reporter Andrea Mitchell insisted over the phone that she had seen nothing wrong with Clinton during her coverage on the campaign trail. Mitchell offered that it was “rumor and speculation driven, really, by her opponents.”

Moving from weather, to wardrobe, to coffee, and let’s not forget the Right-wing conspiracies, pundits finally speculated on Clinton’s diet as the potential culprit.

Today, what they did passes as journalism.

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