King Obama: Late to UN Speech

Barack King Obama showed up to the United Nations in style, and on CP Time.

In case you’ve forgotten what that was, it’s “colored people” time. CPT. And who better to make the world wait, than King Obama.

Twitter noted the tardiness, and here is one example.

Obama’s reputation relies on being unfashionably, and characteristically late. The UN didn’t wait, however, and moved on to the president of Chad.

When Obama finally spoke, he chastised the world, and Donald Trump. As CNN reported:

President Barack Obama painted a dark picture Tuesday of a world divided between those who want to cooperate with global partners and those who want to retreat into division and isolationism.

“Our societies are filled with uncertainty and unease and strife,” Obama said during his final address to the United Nations General Assembly, in remarks that seemed to reflect his view of the United States as well as countries abroad. “Despite enormous progress as people lose trust in institutions, governing becomes more difficult and tensions between nations become more quick to surface.”

In pushing back against these global dynamics, Obama took an an indirect jab at Republican presidential challenger Donald Trump, declaring that “a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself.”

The world is dark. Ironically the very dark world was created by America’s black president.

The man has ushered in devastation and destruction that has Lucifer laughing.

America is not ringed by walls, but open to opportunity. The only thing that has changed about this country is we’ve allowed ignorant people to run it. That reign will end soon.

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