No-Show From BLM: Do Blacks Really Matter?

Louisiana experienced another Katrina-like storm recently. No-Show from BLM.

While George Bush took a lot of flak from black Liberals for not being able to control Mother Nature, Barack Obama–the father of BLM–was unscathed by blacks.

Opponents of Bush politicized an event obviously beyond his control in a successful attempt to demonize Bush as “anti-Black.” But as this black victim of the flood explains:

“I didn’t see one BLM boat, Not one BLM truck…”


He also noted that the Black Panthers weren’t down there either.

Liberals excel at finding white Republican (usually male) scapegoats to continue the “America is racist” narrative.

At the time of the latest storm that devastated Baton Rouge, Obama vacationed. As the storm pummeled that area of the country, Barack Obama golfed. He acted as if nothing was happening as thousands of Americans were displaced.

Hillary Clinton didn’t show up either. Apparently she was too busy getting electrolysis or being fitted for clothes to hide her medical devices.

The race-pimps were also absent, people like the Congressional Black Circus, Al Sharpton, and the like had better things to do.

Donald Trump showed up, as did his VP. He didn’t make the excuse that his appearance would create too much of a media circus. That’s just what Baton Rouge needed: a media circus.

Media attention shows the rest of the country that there are Americans in need.

Another group that was conspicuous by their absence was Black Lives Matter. In Katrina, under the white president Black Lives Mattered. However under the Golfer in Chief, things seem different for black Liberals.

What happened in Baton Rouge didn’t happen to black Americans or white Americans. The tragedy was felt by Americans…period.

The sooner the Left ceases with the divisiveness, the better the country will be. The fact is that Black Lives Matter is not an organization, it’s a terror group. The BLM movement is the modern-day KKK, and the group offers nothing but hate. BLM consistently has the opportunity to practice what it preaches, and they never let us down. The group showcases its hate for America.


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