Where’s Waldo: Hillary Clinton No Show at Fundraiser

Where’s Waldo, or at least his crooked Democrat wannabe president sister?

Hillary Clinton missed a fundraiser in North Carolina. The campaign says the event was “postponed.” However the fact is she MISSED the biggest thing that people running from political office do: fundraise

Sure, Hillary Clinton has a lot of ill-gotten Haitian money. But by Trump standards she’s still “dead broke.” Therefore, her absence from a fundraiser suggests something is afoot.

The campaign gave no reason for her absence, yet Hillary is not campaigning either. We don’t expect an explanation for that either.

The event was to be in Chapel Hill, and some of the wealthiest Democrats in the state were prepared to buy access.

According to CBS North Carolina, the even to take place at the home of Betty Craven and Michael Warner. It was billed as:

“Lunch with Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Costs ranged from $2,700 to $100,000.

In case you caught Hillary Clinton on Jimmy Fallon on Monday, that was previously taped in New York on Friday, less than a week after Hillary got the clean bill of health.

As her doctor put it, Hillary is “fit to lead.”

Nevertheless, we could find nothing on Clinton’s campaign strategy for today. I ask again, “Where’s Waldo?”



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