Another Hillary Clinton Rally Where Nobody Showed

What if they gave a rally and no one showed up? Then you’d likely be at a Hillary Clinton rally.

If you think the polls are rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton, then welcome Captain Obvious. Hillary Clinton couldn’t throw a decent sized baby shower or partial-birth abortion party, if her political life depended on it. 


As the photo indicates, Kreeper Kaine had very few adoring Clinton-Kaine supporters show up to hear his Hillary rally cry.  Moreover, can you imagine how the media would lampoon Trump, if he had an audience this sparce?

Hillary Clinton supporters are too obtuse to put two and two together on how much America hates their candidate. They will spin this non-event people felt it would be too crowded and decided to stay home.

Ironically, according to Fox News, the Clinton Campaign has been bragging about early voting results. Keep in mind, there are really no “results” released regarding the actual votes.  But that won’t keep the Leftists from their attempt to demoralize those riding the Trump train.

You may recall that Redstate, noted a while back that nearly twelve million Democrats voted in the Republican primary.  Apparently the majority of the blue dog Democrats were not “plants,” as suspected. These Democrats were not there to elect the weakest candidate, but instead really like Trump. Put another way, many Democrats can’t stand crooked Hillary.

The FOX News article continues,

“We’re seeing eye-popping vote-by-mail application numbers,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said on “Fox News Sunday.”  In Arizona and North Carolina, for example, more registered Democrats than Republicans have indeed cast early ballots.  

Mook sounded excited and very sure of himself. Translation of Liberal-speak: Mook is delusional.

The Libs take quite the gamble assuming that few Dems have jumped ship. They have jumped ship, and hitched a ride on the Trump Express.

Pro-Hillary/Kaine articles now have the campaign lying back and riding out the next two weeks. America is supposed to believe that Hillary Clinton is a foregone conclusion.

tampa-trump-crowdCommon sense will tell you that Hillary Clinton is way behind in polling. The only possible way for her to win is if the election is rigged. Look at the graphic depicting the typical Trump rally, and try not to believe your lying eyes.

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