Leftists and Their Creepy Freaks

Leftists are creepy freaks, and apparently with memories as short as their penises; this includes their “women.”

They seem to overlook their sexual harassers and rapists, aka creepy freaks, in pursuit of the “greater good.” The “greater good” defined as keeping Conservatives on the defensive.

I’ve had enough with these lecherous perverts. They say that Conservatives are sanctimonious goody two shoes, and they they take on the role. Thus, when Conservatives showcase our human frailties, creepy freak Lefitsts like to rub their balls (yes Leftist women have balls too) in our faces, and remind us about our Bible.

Well here’s a reminder for them. And this is just one of their perverts. Meet Joe “Creepy Freak” Biden. Check out this small montage of lecherous behavior. Trust me, there were many more!


Then, there are those who “get it,” and decided to have some fun with Creepy Joe.


Creepy Joe could have easily played the Alien in Alien. Liberal women who’ve been around Creepy Joe know the look on Sigourney Weaver’s face. Trust me, THAT’S NOT ACTING!


I’m not sure why this girl was crying in real life. But I know if Creepy Joe were there, she’d have reason to cry!


Even Hillary Clinton knows a creepy freak, when she’s captured by one.

Look at her body language. Last time she was touched like that, she gave birth to Chelsea 9 months later!


I fully expect Barack Obama to say, “That’s enough, Joe!”

Furthermore, look at how people stand poised to intervene, in case Joe takes it just a bit too far.


The Photoshop genius of this one should get a Pulitzer!

Or is this photoshopped?! LOL


This is a long-standing favorite, as Biden puts the “Bi” in bi-sexual.

The look on this cop’s face is PRICELESS. Note the stoic nature of serial sexual harasser Creepy Joe. Moreover, he shows no emotion after making the not so subtle pass at the cop.

No Secret Service, no Joe Biden. I’m sure this cop would have bludgeoned Biden for the callous act.


I found one of MANY Creepy Joe Biden videos. Since it has a couple of other pics, I thought I’d add it.

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