ObamaCare: Reason One Why Trump Should Kick Obama’s Boney Butt

ObamaCare was a disaster from conception. Because government excels at disaster. That’s why when Trump is president, his first act should be to kick Obama’s boney butt.

Then he could make Obama use his own plan.

ObamaCare started as a disaster and it will end as a disaster. Liberals now play dumb on why ObamaCare costs so much?

Time magazine wrote:

Has the reckoning finally come for ObamaCare?

This week, the White House dropped a news bomb by acknowledging insurance premiums on ObamaCare’s exchanges will rise 25 percent in 2017. Those escalating premiums are already driving away customers, leading some insurers to pack up and leave the exchanges. As a result, one in five Americans on the exchanges next year will be in markets where only one insurer is offering coverage.

Surprise surprise, ObamaCare costs are rising. Like gas prices when Obama took office, ObamaCare prices have risen since inception. While we may have a short reprieve on gasoline cost, ObamaCare didn’t get the memo.

ObamaCare costs have risen since inception.

As Investopedia reported back in 2014

According to The Burden of Health Insurance Premium Increases on American Families by theExecutive Office of the President (EOP), health care premiums are rising faster than most Americans’ income. In an attempt to make health care costs more manageable, the Affordable Care Act (ACA)was passed in March 2010. Based on a data analysis of the EOP’s September 2009 report, Freedom Partners, a nonpartisan organization that promotes the benefits of free markets and a free society, states the ACA has yet to reach its goal.

Health insurance premiums increased by 9.4% from 2010-2011, the first year after the ACA was passed, and have continued to rise. Throughout the nation, the average annual family premium for an employer-sponsored plan increased 4.2% to $17,545. At the state level, premiums have averaged a 28% increase from 2009 to 2014.

Liberals lament a “healthcare” program that was nothing more than insurance. More on this in a bit.

Trump sounded the warning bells back in 2005,

“People’s — I don’t know if you have been watching lately over the last couple of weeks — people’s premiums, George, are going up 35, 45, 55 percent,” Trump said on Oct. 25. “Their deductibles are so high nobody’s ever going to get to use it. So … Obamacare is turning out to be a bigger disaster than anybody thought.”

Yet Politifact attempted to debunk Trump, reporting:

On average, premiums have risen by about 5.8 percent a year since Obama took office, compared to 13.2 percent in the nine years before Obama. Is it true that we’ll see insurance plans jacked up 35 to 55 percent in 2016?

We reached out to the Trump campaign but didn’t hear back. Experts we talked to and the data show that while there are examples of premium increases that large, they’re not the norm.

I guess the Trump campaign was too busy WINNING!

I dare the media or any bonehead, brain-dead Leftist to find a “feel good” story about ObamaCare that wouldn’t have occurred without ObamaCare.

There was a hint that ObamaCare would create more useless bureaucracy. When you hire more IRS agents than doctors in your new healthcare initiative, that’s called a clue, Watson.

ObamaCare offered no new medical equipment or innovations, and merely inserted itself into an already broken system. Junk in, junk out, right.

ObamaCare offered no incentives for new doctors, and in fact has made the opposite impact.

America should have barbecued this sacred cow of Liberalism long ago. Better late than never.

Maybe Trump will do it on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives!


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