Radical Muslim convert arrested in TN church shootings

A suspect has been arrested in connection with a series of church shootings in Shelbyville, Tennessee. To no one’s surprise, the suspect is a radical Muslim convert. Wait, you didn’t know there had been church shootings lately? Thank the mainstream media for that.

Over the course of the past week, three Christian churches in the Shelbyville area were shot at and damaged. No individuals were harmed in the incidents. Authorities revealed the shooter likely used an AK-47 or similar firearm. Now we know who is behind the shootings: a radical Muslim who professed his loyalty to Allah on social media.

Pamela Geller reports:

Shelbyville has a new problem; a shooting spree by a suspect, Wendell Buchanan, apprehended by local whose social media discloses his possible Muslim conversion.  The issue is why local law enforcement hasn’t reached out for assistance of the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the FBI to investigate this as a possible terrorist event.   This report would appear to suggest that Buchanan was on a self motivated jihad mission against hated kuffar religious institutions in the community.

With Buchanan now in jail, churchgoers in Shelbyville can rest easier. There have been no church shootings since his arrest.

Originally published at SilenceIsConsent.net

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