Syrian Refugee Gets $389,000 in Welfare for 4 Wives and 23 Children

The refugee invasion coming to America has already hit the Germany.

There is little doubt why the Brexit folks want to break away from the idiot Germans willing to fund this nonsense.

As reported in the UK Express, meet the Syrian refugee with FOUR WIVES and 23 CHILDREN and receives about $389,000 a year.

The migrant, known only as Ghazia A, fled Syria last year along with his family.

He has since resettled in Germany with his four wives and 22 of his children. One of his daughters has since moved to Saudi Arabia where she has married.

The family could be receiving more than £320,000 a year in benefits according to a financial manager on the Employers’ Association website.

There is no official confirmation on this figure.

Under Islamic tradition, the 49-year-old can have up to four wives – as long as he can support them financially.

Germany does not legally recognise polygamy, meaning that Ghazia A was forced to choose a “main wife” so the rest of the family could claim benefits. The other three wives are categorised as “friends” of the Syrian migrant.

But a local official in the town of Montabaur described the situation as an “exemption”.

Ghazia A now lives with his “main” wife Twasif and their five children in Montabaur, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate – while the other three wives and children have been moved into neighbouring

The man used to work in a garage and car hire service in his homeland but has not worked since resettling in Germany.

He expressed an interest in working again but noted his commitments to his family made this difficult….

It’s not like the Syrians bring some stupendous work ethic. Instead they bring bad attitudes and a culture that fits only the worst part of civilized society.

How else does a Syrian refugee get $389,000 in welfare? He expects Germans to finance his lifestyle, when no other German would dare try to get this.


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