Trump Slams CNN Reporter [Video]

Donald Trump has proven that he has stamina. The man works harder than the late James Brown. He is a self-made billionaire, and despite what the Left believes, business for Trump must go on, despite his campaigning for president.

So when he gets asks this question, Trump is rightfully offended and slams CNN reporter, Dana Bash.

Has CNN ever asked Obama about how much time he has taken for vacations, or playing golf, or hanging out with celebrities?

And what of crooked and sickly Hillary Clinton, who as recently as last week was said to have had another coughing fit. How much time has she taken to convalesce at Chelsea’s home?

Moreover, how much time has Hillary Clinton had to take just to cover her fat white buttocks on the Clinton Foundation and other scandals?

Trump slams the media routinely, and the tactic is long overdue. Former Republican nominees would be roadkill by now from the media convoy, but not Trump. In fact, Trump has the media fearful of the potential backlash of their behavior.

Newt Gingrich recently pointed out the inordinate amount of the time the media spent on the paid Democrat bimbos who claim Trump groped them. While on Megyn Kelly, Gingrich complained that the entire media industrial complex spent 37 minutes on Trump and 53 seconds on Hillary Clinton’s speeches to Goldman-Sachs. When you consider the implications of what Clinton said in the speeches, one would conclude this was media malpractice.

How is an allegation, and an obviously false one at that, a more relevant story than Hillary Clinton stating that she wants to allow potentially 600,000,000 immigrants into the United States?

The list of egregious media behavior against Trump is limitless. Further, the list of media ignoring of Hillary Clinton is even more scandalous. The American media today reminds me of Pravda, except they are far more effective.


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