Hillary Clinton Emerged From Her Rat Hole

Hillary Clinton disappeared for a while, after her crushing defeat. A lot of people who supported her wish they could have gone into hiding as well.

As the Daily Mail reported, Clinton emerged from hiding to attend a gala in Washington.

A weary-looking Hillary made her first public appearance since conceding to Donald Trump at a Children’s Defense Fund’s gala in Washington on Wednesday evening, admitting that she considered cancelling.

Apparently the wounds have healed and her black and blue buttocks have returned to their normal pasty white color.

So what has “Hills” been up to? What about the Clintons, in general.

One can only imagine the hell that Bill Clinton now goes through on the daily. Bill Clinton was supposed to be Hillary’s “not so secret weapon” during the campaign. I guess so, if your weapon of choice is a boat anchor. Bill Clinton likely sleeps with one eye open, if he hasn’t moved to a different part of the mansion altogether. Who knows, maybe Bill stays at the other multi-million dollar Clinton Foundation-funded mansion?

How much communication has Hillary Clinton had with the people who failed the wicked witch of the Northeast? You know this group lives in fear. Instead of asking about the Clintons, perhaps the more appropriate question is “Where are the people who failed her?”

You know the smart ones prepared their “bugout” bags just in case. New passports, cash in various currencies, and escape plans.

For the ones caught flat-footed, you know they are looking over their shoulders. These ex-Clintonistas live in perpetual paranoia. And you can bet that most of them have hired food tasters or bodyguards.

They know the Clintons are angry. These people lied to them throughout the campaign.

They lied about focus groups, polls, Hillary outfits, you name it. Lies, lies, and more lies. Who would want to give “Killary” bad news, when you know the consequences.

Remember the scene from Gladiator, when the emperor realized that his generals lied about Maximus’ death? Then Caesar goes to meet the “Spaniard,” only to find that the best gladiator ever was the general he had ordered killed.

“Somebody gone git KILT!”

On Nov 9, Hillary Clinton got that feeling in the pit of her stomach that it was all over. She’d been lied to, as Trump had not been dispatched, metaphorically.

Not only was Trump alive, he had won over the people, making him stronger than Caesar.

Hillary Clinton retreated. They said she sobbed uncontrollably. Tears of envy and retribution, not pain.

During her absence, I wonder if she and Bill put together their “hit list” ready. Then prioritized it, an evil version of the Christmas list?

Who would be at the top of that list?

I’ve have to believe that Julian Assange tops the list. Assange is undoubtedly the single biggest reason Hillary Clinton is not president of the United States. That man will live in fear for the rest of his life.

Next might be a toss up between James Comey and James O’Keefe. I’ve lean towards Comey. He did a good job of covering his butt, in the sense that people weren’t quite sure if he was for Hillary or against her. Still, I suggest Comey not stand too close to the street or the edge of subway platforms.

Who would you add to the Clinton hit list?




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