Kevin Jackson Destroys Racist Democrat Keith Ellison

On Fox and Friends, Steve Doocy commented about the possibility of race baiter Keith Ellison being selected to chair the DNC. FOX News Contributor, Kevin Jackson destroyed this notion.

Granted, it would be hard to find a ‘good’ replacement for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, mostly because you can only choose from Democrats!

Seriously though, when asked about Ellison, Kevin was critical of him. The main concern was addressed when Kevin referred to Ellison as an “ethno-centric racist.”

Ellison is consumed with “blackness.”

He demands reparations for slavery, though he nor any other blacks alive today were slaves.

Ellison drones constantly of “white privilege”, as he lives the very life of a privilege white. He talks of systematic racism, ignoring the fact that his party created “systematic racism.”

Moreover, Ellison supports and defends the very racist Louis Farrakhan without reservation. Farrakhan has referred to white people as “devils.”

And if that isn’t enough, consider Ellison’s call for a state (turned country) where only blacks live. His argument for this racist state is that black people could control their own destiny. I’ll check with Oprah, LeBron, Tiger, Denzel, Barack, and millions of other successful blacks and get back with you on this.

Kevin pointed out that if Trump (or any Republican) had called for a white Lesotho, this would have been front page news everywhere. But, as usual, the mainstream media treats this story with a yawn, assuming they even acknowledge it at all.

Elaborating on the subject further, Kevin inquired,

“I would ask Keith Ellison why he thinks Africans come to the United States. They don’t come to the United States to be black, they come to the United States to become American!”

However, this doesn’t mean that Kevin thinks Ellison shouldn’t get the job. Kevin dared,

“Quite frankly, … I’d love to see him become the new Democrat leader, because he certainly represents them very well.”

America has tired of these race pimps, which is why Kevin speaking with conviction against them has made him so popular. We can only hope that Kevin’s appearances on FOX News and on his daily radio show empowers others to be bold.

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