Trump Gets the Last Laugh on Liberals (Video)

I can only imagine how difficult it was for Hillary Clinton to concede to Donald Trump. Or as Hillary Clinton thought of him: lowly Donald Trump.

Furthermore, what of Barack Obama. Millions join me in rolling on the floor laughing at Obama, as he was forced to invite Donald Trump to the White House as President-Elect Trump. Only a few days earlier, Obama commented yet again that Trump was wholly unqualified to be president of the United States. Yet again, Trump gets the last laugh!

What price would you have paid to see the look on Hillary Clinton’s or Barack Obama’s face when the reality of President-Elect Trump set in? As they say in the Visa commercials: PRICELESS!

I will laugh for the next four years as I fondly recall the Leftist who viewed Trump as a moron, and those of us who supported him as “deplorables.”

The worm has turned.

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fear soon-to-be President Trump. He will have at his disposal all the resources those clowns used against Conservative America.

In case you’re wondering why Liberals want to suddenly go all “Rodney King” on things, it’s because their worst-case scenario now greets them.

Trump can pretend to “forgive and forget,” however we won’t let that happen. I don’t care how the Left treated Trump, but I do care about how they treated us.

As I looked at the video of these Leftist morons mocking Trump, certain he would never be president, I chuckle. It’s funny how cocky they were in their glee that Conservatives had selected the wrong candidate. I wrote in another article, the Left actually wanted Trump.

What I enjoy even more is how the Left now do their mea culpas.

First, Hillary Clinton, as I mentioned earlier. The best “cover your ass” speech in history. Next Obama tried to appear magnanimous in his speech about the Trump victory, then again at the White House meeting. CYA version 2.0.

In the video you see the list of loser Leftists who eat their crow, as Trump defied them all.

Talentless John Oliver, Bill Maher, Samantha Bee, and the list of Hollyweirdo idiots who ridiculed Trump. I hope Trump goes on their TV shows and says, “How do you like me now!?”

Already we are seeing some change in tone with the media. FOX News’ Megyn Kelly was highly conciliatory after Trump won. This could have been partially because of her ratings, or the idea that she will want access to the soon-to-be president Trump.

I’m not saying the media will change and start liking Trump or Conservatives and Republicans. However, things have undoubtedly changed.

And what of those celebrities who promised to leave America? Trump now laughs at them all.

I speak for President-Elect Trump in saying, “Leave America, you freaks! We are better off without you.”

For the Liberals who decide to stay, you can expect that Conservatives who got Trump elected are not going away. Our voices will now be heard, and America will be restored.

The wall will be built. The invasion of illegal Mexicans and refugees will cease. We may even be able to trust our government again soon–“trust but verify.”

Regardless, the time of Liberal rule is over. The next four years will allow us to put the final nail in the coffin.





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