College Students Demand Diversity Training For Whites to Graduate?!?!

America needs to rid itself of “liberal arts.” There is nothing artistic about Liberals, I assure you.

Colleges and universities offer “Liberal Arts” degrees, as if these degrees carry weight. Thus, American taxpayers who mostly fund this nonsense are being hoodwinked.

If somebody wants to study literature, why should people getting engineering degrees have to pay for it? We all know who will make more money in the future, and it’s not the French Renaissance Literature major.

The argument by Leftists for the continued funding of divisive classes like ethnic studies, religious studies, or gender studies is that you go to college to get more “well-rounded.” But, who declared that “rounding” students is the job of a college or university?

When I got my engineering degree, I didn’t care about the “art” class I was required to take. Nor have I ever used it.

I love art. But I developed the love on my own, and well after college.

And no, my class in college didn’t influence me. In fact, it turned me off of art, thus my delayed appreciation.

But as National Review reports, idiot Leftist students want to make diversity training mandatory.

A group of students within the San Mateo Community College District, in California, have released a list of demands, including one that would require all students to complete at least six credits of Diversity Studies courses in order to graduate — or even to transfer. “At least 6 credits of Diversity Studies courses must be completed in order to be able to receive a degree or certificate or transfer to UC/Private College/CSU,” states a subsection of “Demand 5” on a list of 12 student demands.

Keep in mind this is a community college. That free education Hillary Clinton and other Liberals tout has revealed itself. No wonder Chris Rock ridiculed community college.

“Cause anybody in the community can go…a crackhead, prostitute, drug dealer, ‘Come on in!’ Community college is like a disco with books!”

diversity-in-america-flagCommunity college is where Liberals want to teach diversity?

And what do these snowflakes expect people to learn in these 6+ hours of diversity training?

White people are bad, particularly if they are attached to a penis and testicles. Further, if the white guys attached to penises and testicles happen to be Republicans, then bonus.

Below is the first internet site I found when I googled “diversity curriculum.”

What is multicultural education?

Multicultural education is designed to prepare students for citizenship in a democratic society by teaching them to consider the needs of all individuals. It clarifies how issues of race, ethnicity, culture, language, religion, gender, and abilities/disabilities are intertwined with educational processes and content.

Why do we need a multicultural curriculum?

  • To prepare students for diverse workplaces and multicultural environments
  • To expose biases, stereotypes, and policies that can restrict achievement
  • To ensure that content is fair, accurate, and inclusive
  • To accomodate for diverse teaching and learning styles of teachers and students
  • To help students, faculty, and staff become advocates for multicultural awareness

Just so we’re clear, the curriculum described above is America. Thus, colleges and universities are charging students and taxpayers money to teach about…life in America.





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