Obama Terrorized Scientists Opposed to Climate Farce

Americans know that Obama loves the farce of global climate change.

He has paid off scientists willing to say whatever he demands. As for legitimate scientists who would expose the boondoggle of global climate farce, they met a different fate.

As The Washington Free Beacon reported

A new congressional investigation has determined that the Obama administration fired a top scientist and intimidated staff at the Department of Energy in order to further its climate change agenda, according to a new report that alleges the administration ordered top officials to obstruct Congress in order to forward this agenda.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R., Texas), chair of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, released a wide-ranging report on Tuesday that shows how senior Obama administration officials retaliated against a leading scientist and plotted ways to block a congressional inquiry surrounding key research into the impact of radiation.

A top DoE scientist who liaised with Congress on the matter was fired by the Obama administration for being too forthright with lawmakers, according to the report, which provides an in-depth look at the White House’s efforts to ensure senior staffers toe the administration’s line.

Obama loves intimidation, and he wields it like a Hitlerian. Anybody who dare impede his fake narratives would feel his wrath. Obama proves what happens when sissies get power. They become doped with it.

But it gets worse, as Obama obscured the evidence against global climate change, as the article continues.

The report also provides evidence that the Obama administration worked to kill legislation in order to ensure that it could receive full funding for its own hotly contested climate change agenda.

The report additionally discovered efforts by the Obama administration to censor the information given to Congress, interfering with the body’s ability to perform critical oversight work.

Read the rest here.

I’m sure when the truth comes out, the taxpayers will get heavily redacted reports. Further, the Fed will tell us that the documents were sealed as a matter of national security.

Thus Obama’s constant droning {pun intended} about global climate change being the number one threat to America.

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