SHOCKER: Hate for President-Elect Trump Goes International

Since President-elect Trump officially launched his campaign, one Twitter account has really come alive with activity.

Britain Campaign 2016 TrumpIt’s called The Socialist Party (@OfficialSPGB). But it’s not the Socialist Party of America. Holy Mother of Piers Morgan, it’s the Socialist Party of Great Britain!

Whenever President-elect Trump sends out a tweet, thousands of butt-hurt British lefties respond with their obligatory smears. They not only directly respond to President-elect Trump’s original tweets, but to trolls and parody accounts, as well.

Here is a sample of the Socialist Party’s best (most moronic) Twitter responses to the president-elect:

line-for-food-stampsJust a thought, but the tweet implies that people are suffering and struggling NOW, as in UNDER OBAMA!

That would be the vile capitalism that built the computer upon which you tweet? Just saying.

I’m having difficulty reconciling this one.

Donald Trump will take the largest pay cut in the history of American politics, as will most of his cabinet.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the Obama administration widened the gap between America’s rich and poor, thus the world’s rich and poor, but Trump is the bad guy?

Power to the SPHINCTERS! 

So Britain’s Socialist Party is made up of misogynists? Pretty bad depiction of women, I’d say. But then again, these women are used to being around broke socialist men, waiting in line for toilet paper and vodka.

I guess the joke is on the SPGB, since Trump won?

not-my-presidentNewt Gingrich once said, “Donald Trump may turn out to be the most effective anti-left leader in our lifetime.”

Now there’s a badge of honor!

At least these Leftist Brits can honestly say of Trump, “Not my president!”

They should be so lucky.


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