Media HYPOCRISY: Obama Bombed 5 of 7 Countries Trump Banned

Spin journalism: News stories or facts presented in a biased or slanted way in an attempt to influence public opinion. Otherwise known as “Prostitute Journalism.”

American media are whores who spin. They create fake narratives at the urging of their handlers, mostly anti-American white elitist. Trump has but one way to win with the media–become a Democrat or some oppressed minority, but still a Democrat.
obamaThe propagandists know that Obama and Congress put the same seven countries on President Trump’s temporary ban list. Further, they know that although many Muslims would be detained from those seven countries, over 1 billion Muslims from 46 Muslim-majority countries can travel to America unencumbered.

They also know that of the seven Middle Eastern countries deemed security risks, Obama has bombed five of them.

Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Somalia all came under the watchful droning of Barack Obama, in an effort to provide security for America.

Media silence.

Yet, Trump issues a travel ban, and tears, hysterics, and mass frenzy ensue.

President Trump’s executive order delayed approximately 300 people at the airport. Worse than that happens with aircraft maintenance. But Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama bombs Muslim countries, and you can hear a mouse piss on cotton, as far as the Leftist outcry goes.

Just stop with the belly aching!

Chuck Schumer may as well throw a giant burka over the Statue of Liberty. Did Schumer cry when Obama “accidentally bombed” Syrian troops? 62 troops were killed and 100 more were wounded in that little escapade of 2016. Nobody was killed with President Trump’s EO, yet Schumer shed his crocodile tears, with a nice Muslim girl as a prop.

What about the time Obama was bamboozled into bombing the wrong troops?

Late last year, the Galmudug region claimed 22 soldiers were killed in the strike after the rival region of Puntland requested air support. Puntland claimed the men to be al-Shabab fighters. Where are the tears for those Somali troops?

Of course, Schumer wasn’t crying for those countries bombed under Obama. Instead, he saved his tears for a little airport delay.

But Trump will have the last word.

Let’s review the checklist. Liberal double-standard? CHECK!



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