Obama: Protecting America From Terrorism Better Than the White Guys

In a speech to veterans where his Holiness Obama couldn’t keep from praising himself.

Obama the terroristThe soon-to-be-nobody’s President declared that “no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years.”

Haven’t you felt safer? How did we survive terrorism, before Obama saved us?!

Note the carefully crafted language: “no foreign terrorist organization.”

Obama and his speechwriters carefully constructed Washington-speak to sell a lie under the pretense of truth. Further, the notion that the fake news media continues to discuss this premise without serious pushback tell you all you need to know.

According to Obama, these terror attacks on America soil during his tenure, did not occur:

  1. The Boston Marathon: 3 killed, 264 injured by a pressure-cooker bomb planted by two radicalized Muslim men.
  2. The Orlando Nightclub: 49 killed, 53 wounded by a radicalized Muslim gunman who pledged allegiance to ISIS.
  3. The San Bernadino Christmas party: 14 killed, 22 injured by a man and his wife, both radicalized Muslims who were loyal to ISIS.
  4. The Underwear Bomber: A man smuggled an al-Qaeda made bomb onto a Britain-to-USA flight. The only reason nobody was hurt was because the bomb didn’t work.
  5. Chattanooga: 5 dead (4 Marines, one sailor in the Navy), shot by a radicalized Muslim man at a recruiting station and Navy Reserve facility.
  6. Garland Texas: 1 dead, a security guard shot by radicalized (you guessed it) Muslim men with personal ties to ISIS.
  7. Fort Hood: 13 killed, more than 30 injured by an American man with ties to al-Qaeda.

And this was just some of the more notable attacks. There are many others.

Interestingly, in all of these attacks, Obama seems to have difficulty finding the “common thread.” Essentially Obama says to America,

Don’t believe your lying eyes, America. You are safer under my carefully worded watch.

President Barack Obama has failed the nation in his most important responsibility: keeping America safe.

Here’s a saying for you, “When Leftists lie, Americans die!”

Obama Terrorism: Back to the technicality.

Black Magic Obama terrorismObama is technically right, as no “foreign terrorist organization” has successfully attacked the U.S. since September 11, 2001. But it’s not because they haven’t. Confused?

When you don’t recognize ISIS, ISIL, al Qaeda as official “organizations,” then you can parse words. None of these organizations are a government, per se. Further, when attacks occur, the Obama administration calls them “lone wolf” attacks, even when ISIS, etc take credit.

Thus, the American attacks are no longer “foreign,” but instead domestic.

There you have it, David Copperfield. You’ve just seen Obama’s magic act.

Certainly Obama noting the difference between foreign and domestic matters to the hundreds of Americans maimed and killed during his presidency. The victims of liberal policy deserve better than “technically right.”

Recall that Fort Hood was “technically” ‘workplace violence.’ And because Obama’s State Department won’t allow the use of “radical Islamic terrorism,” most of these attacks were not done by radical Islamic terrorists. These were just plain old criminal acts. When Obama Department of Justice gets around to it, they will try to figure out the motivation for the attacks.

As for magic, a big part of America can hardly wait for Obama to disappear.


Kyle is a former Congressional speechwriter and campaign operative. He now works as a chemist in the private sector and is an editor and contributor at ThinkRightPolitics.com

Twitter: @kylekirker

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