Obama and Other Black Leftists Slap Civil Rights Movement in the FACE

Obama and Other Black Leftists Slap Civil Rights Movement in the FACE

What a kick in the face to people who fought for the civil rights of blacks.

obama-kerry-washingtonI’ve argued that black Leftists are better at Jim Crow than racist Democrats, and it’s mostly because of Barack Obama.

When Obama was elected, America was said to have healed the ugly past of Democrats. Instead, his election ignited a revolt that leftists have brewed for decades.

As the Western Free Press reported,

California State University Los Angeles has announced the establishment of a new segregated ‘black only’ housing unit on campus. California University is a public institution using public funds to develop a system of de jure segregation for the so-called ‘benefit’ of black students. The previous sentence sounds ridiculous, it sounds insane, but it is true.

The black community has gone from fighting state-sponsored segregation to demanding it. You can thank Black Lives Matter and similar organizations for helping to set back race relations in the United States by 150 years. Representatives from Black Lives Matter are excited about the segregated housing project, but would they express the same level of excitement for a white only dorm?

What a farce! White leftists have tricked black leftists into “self-segregating.” Imagine that.

anthony-andersonWhite leftists have blacks listening mostly to News One radio, BET TV, living in segregated neighborhoods. Black leftists attend “black schools,” and do “black things.”

You can be a black racist and get nice sponsors. Samuel L. Jackson hocks Capital One. Jamie Foxx hocks Verizon.

Black racists like Kerry Washington and Anthony Anderson get TV show after TV show, as a reward for their conformity. So why shouldn’t dumb ass college blacks want to segregate? As I say in my book Race Pimping, black angst is where the money is.

And then there is the obvious thought experiment of what if white people did it? The article continues,

Imagine if a public university in the south established a white only housing area using public funds. The National Guard would have invaded the campus within hours of the announcement! What kind of message has California University and Black Lives Matter sent with this insane push for state segregation? The era of Black Jim Crow has begun. Time will tell how far Black Lives Matter and their ilk will push their radical appetite for racist rule.

We are long past time to divide issues on racial lines. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Period. The sooner leftists understand this, the better.


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