Feminist Movement Dealt MOST SERIOUS Blow in Decades

Feminist Movement Dealt MOST SERIOUS Blow in Decades

Leftists love the laws of other countries, so what will they think about this one.

As Life News reports,

I love mad feminismIn an unprecedented move, a Uruguay court allowed a father to protect his unborn child’s life by prohibiting the mother from having an abortion.

The man’s ex-girlfriend is 8 weeks pregnant and wants an abortion; he recently petitioned a court to protect their child’s life by stopping the woman from getting an abortion, AFP reports. Abortions are legal up until 12 weeks in Uruguay.

Federico Arregui, the man’s lawyer, told Uruguay reporters this week that the man would like to raise the child “independently of whether the mother was willing to fulfill her role.”

The Mercedes, Uruguay court ruled in the man’s favor; it also said the woman did not fulfill a reporting requirement to her doctors in order to have the abortion, according to the report.

News outlets say the decision is unprecedented, and the woman plans to appeal.

As we know, fathers in the United States have essentially no legal rights when it comes to children in the womb.

As FindLaw.com points out,

Father’s Consent to Abortion

If a man’s pregnant partner seeks to have an abortion, the father’s consent isn’t legally required. A woman may choose to terminate a pregnancy against the objections of the father. The legal reasoning for this is twofold, based on a woman’s right to privacy in her medical decisions, and in the fact that the mother is more directly affected by pregnancy.

The Supreme Court has found laws requiring a spouse’s consent for an abortion to be unconstitutional. In Planned Parenthood v. Danforth, the Court reasoned that a husband’s refusal to consent would in effect veto a woman’s choice to terminate a pregnancy. While both prospective fathers and pregnant women have an interest in the decision, when the two disagree, only one partner’s position can prevail. According to the Court, since the woman actually carries the pregnancy, “the balance weighs in her favor,” preventing the husband from vetoing her choice.

In fact, fathers have no right to notification of an abortion, as the article explains.

Father's justiceFather’s Right to be Notified of an Abortion

If the father’s consent isn’t required for abortion, does he have a legal right to be notified when one occurs? The Supreme Court addressed this question in Planned Parenthood v. Casey and found that the father does not have a legal right to be notified of an abortion. While most women discuss an abortion with their partners, those who do not were much more likely to be in abusive relationships, according to the Court. The Supreme Court saw spousal notification requirements as placing an undue burden on women who may fear for their safety, or that of their children.

It’s interesting that this ruling comes during the Trump Era, not that Uruguay based the decision on America’s new president. Nevertheless, this decision represents a win for the pro-life movement, and men.




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