Leftist REMOVES POLL After Trump Shown Winning

Leftists remain depressed over the Trump thrashing of Hillary.

Those who didn’t end it, have their shrinks at full throttle, as they attempt to recover from the madness that is Donald Trump.

There remain a few holdouts who look for solace wherever they can find it. They resort to social media for comfort, as they have amassed thousands of “followers,” whom they believe will do anything for them.

Many Leftists, especially the “stars” believe that their fan base believe as they do, no matter what. After all, they are FANS!

So actor George Takei took to Twitter Saturday to poll his followers. In the wake of Trump’s victory, his first month, and of course the press conference where Trump destroyed the media, Takei needed to answer the burning question.


“Trump says the media is the true enemy of the American people. So lets take a poll. Who do you think does MORE HARM to the American people?” George Takei asked.

Two options: The “unfair” news media or President Donald Trump.

Takei came out a while back, and in Hollywood that’s considered “courageous.” Further, it’s a declaration that one is blatantly Left. And Takei has lived well in that box.

The “man” exudes progressivism. And I’m sure when he created the poll, he expected to be vindicated for his pansy-ass beliefs.

However, after nearly 70,000 votes, Trump led in the polls:

51 percent chose Trump., and 49 percent chose the media.

trump-with-flag-background George Takei pollImagine Takei’s shock and dismay. Surely something was wrong. This poll needed to back the narrative. Trump is dangerous, and the media does its job.

What the Left are beginning to find out is they no longer set the narrative.

Almost ALL were surprised by Trump’s victory over Clinton; yet a few remain delusional. They view Trump’s victory as a fluke. And what really surprises them is when we fight back.

It became painfully obvious top to Takei that the polling would be for Trump. Disappointed with the results of a poll of HIS audience of mostly Leftists. Takei prematurely took down the poll.

However, by then social media caught wind.








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