Media Giant ABC Refuses to FIRE Anti-Woman Broadcaster

Media Giant ABC Refuses to FIRE Anti-Woman Muslim Broadcaster

You can bet that if Yassmin Abdel-Magied was a Christian, she’d be gone.

abc-australiaWhat Christian could advocate for the stoning of women or genital mutilation of women and get away with it? How about a Christian who believed that women were less than men? Or that women from another culture were subhuman, and therefore subject to rape at the whims of men?

However, Yassmin Abdel-Magied is not a Christian, and instead a Muslim. So subjugation of women is condoned by her and her network.

According to The Daily Mail, the controversy was as follows:

The 25-year-old Sudanese-born writer and founder of Youth Without Borders sparked controversy last week when she told ABC’s Q&A program she observed Islam as ‘the most feminist religion’.

Abdel-Magied hosts a Saturday morning program, Australia Wide on ABC News 24. The fireworks began as Abdel-Magied responded to Senator Lambie’s call to deport all Muslims who support ‘Sharia law’. 

Thankfully, the world may finally be coming to an understanding on Muslims and Sharia.

Thus, a petition calling for her to be sacked from the ABC as a presenter was created. At last count, there were over 20,000 people who requested that she be fired. The number had doubled in only a few hours.

Apparently, Abdel-Magied looked for comfort from a Muslim adviser, as the article continues,

Just three days after the heated television debate, Ms Abdel-Magied asked Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Wassim Doureihi on social media how she could have better presented her opinion.

Mr Doureihi responded: ‘First of all, may Allah reward you for your tireless efforts. Not an easy task, but you consistently do so with grace, humility and courage.

‘In a nutshell, you’ve ended up framing Islam through a secular lens, aimed at a secular people and conscious of the presence of a secular government. The end result was always going to be ugly.’

Islam was summed up in a nutshell. The “religion” is a theocracy. Her adviser called non-Muslims “secular people” and referred to a “secular government.”

An ABC spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia the 25-year-old writer will not be fired.



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