Milo Yiannopoulos TORCHES Leftist on Bill Maher: Told To “Go F Yourself”

Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on the Bill Maher show, and it was a setup.

The idea behind the show was to discuss the incident at Berkeley, but of course Leftists took the opportunity to make it personal.

Comedic hack and host of the canceled Daily Show daily series Nightly Show Larry Wilmore told Milo Yiannopoulos to “go fuck yourself” for his attack on comedienne Leslie Jones and his criticism of the Real Time panel.

The fireworks started earlier, as former national security operative Malcolm Nance questioned if he was truly gay.

“You seemed to be very confused about who you are and what you are,” Nance told Yiannopoulos.

A Bit about Brother Malcolm Nance

According to The Palmer Report,

malcolm-nanceIf you want to know what comes next in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, now that four of Trump’s top campaign advisors have been caught having colluded with Russian intelligence officials during the election, it may help to ask the guy who has correctly predicted everything that’s happened up to this point. NBC News intel excerpt Malcolm Nance, who literally wrote the book on the Russian plot to rig the election for Trump election seven months ago, has made some startling pronouncements this evening.

The story goes on to predict that Trump’s team better get lawyers to deal with issues related to the Russians.

I’ll stop there, as that should tell you all you need to know about Malcolm. NBC, Russians, and on The Bill Maher Show.

Regardless of Nance’s background, who is he to question Milo’s sexuality? Interestingly Nance says, “I’ve been to Port Said in Naples…you look like you’ve been there a few times”. What was that vague reference meant to convey? That Nance is well-traveled?

Nance attempted to appear more intelligent than Milo, as that’s yet another Leftist ploy. How many people in the audience even picked up on it, as the reference had nothing to do with the conversation at hand. Typical Leftist deflection, when they don’t want to address the real issue.

In this case, the question at hand is, “How could an ordinary citizen like Milo incite the type of terrorism that occurred at Berkeley?”

Milo then questioned Maher on the intelligence of his panel, calling them “stupid” and said of Maher,

“You need to invite “higher I.Q.” people.”

Interestingly, you can see that Maher “gets” Milo. At the end of the snippet, Maher acknowledges that Milo has the potential to reach many Leftists. Maher cautions him that calling people stupid is unnecessary.

Milo held his own. His personality likely left the audience in a bit of a conundrum. Of course they laughed at Larry Wilmore dropping F bombs, because Leftist audiences are trained to respond to such things. To not laugh would have outed them.

In the end however, you can bet that like Maher, other Leftists questioned how Milo could be considered so vile, when in fact he is “sort of” one of them?




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