Naked Woman May Have Taken Hillary Clinton Loss Too Painfully [VIDEO]

Naked Woman May Have Taken Hillary Clinton Loss Too Painfully

Growling, muttering incoherently, and running naked. That’s what this crazy woman was doing.

We polled 100 psychiatrists who said the woman suffers from “Hillary Clinton Got Her Ass Kicked” Syndrome.

Too freaked out to practice, teenagers and their coach locked themselves in a field house until police arrived to put a leash on this “Clintonista.”

Apparently some people took the Trump win harder than others?

We learned this woman was from London. Perhaps she was a leftover from the “Vaginahead” March on Washington? What we do know is the chick went so bat-sh*t crazy she stripped naked and went running with the Corbin High School boys track team.

Witnesses reported watching Julie Leger, 26, jump a chain-link fence. Shen then chased two girls, growling and fuming incoherently.


Capt. Coy Wilson, public affairs officer for Corbin police told reporters:

“She pulled off all her clothes, went across the chain link fence, and then got into the track area with the boys and was running around the track with the boys. They said she was running around after them. She never touched any of them.”

By the time police arrived, she’d stopped running and returned to the parking lot on the other side of the fence.

When Wilson asked the woman for ID, she offered no reaction:

“She said something, I don’t even remember. She pretty much didn’t know who she was.”

When Officer Steve Meadors attempted to put the still naked Leger in a police cruiser out of sight, she resisted. The officer used a stun gun to prevent injury to herself or police.

Police found no identification in her clothes, so they posted a photograph of her face on Facebook. Within a few minutes, someone identified her to police.

Ironically, This Has Happened Before

Police eventually took naked runner Leger to Baptist Health Corbin for observation and treatment. This isn’t the first instance of crazed streakers in Corbin. Not too long ago, police arrested a man who wore only boxer shorts, a T-shirt and socks into Whitaker Bank on Main Street, according to Captain Wilson.

In that case the police suspected drugs.

Once sober, the man told police he’d taken a combination of methamphetamine and synthetic bath salts. Investigators determined that was indeed the cause of his erratic behavior.

The female dog-impersonator just wanted to run, wild and free. God only knows why. Maybe she was looking for a teaching job?

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