Nancy Pelosi HUMILIATED on National TV by Texas Cowboy (Video)

Upchuck Alert: Pelosi’s Utter Disregard for the Gruesome Realities of an Unsecure Border prove she’s not fit to hold public office.

Texas veterinarian, Dr. Michael Vickers, educated House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in a recent CNN-sponsored town hall, on the realities of living on the U.S.-Mexican border.  In typical liberal fashion, the Congresswoman glossed over the horrors this man and his family have experienced in order to promote her fairy-tale that “sanctuary cities make us safer.”

Hideous Violence in Border Towns

ZootFeed’s Video shows that for almost four minutes, this doctor and ranch owner described the macabre existence of American citizens who live on the U.S.-Mexico border. This man has discovered the bodies of women and children left behind. He even found his dogs playing with a human skull, still filled with brain matter. The body wasn’t discovered for a few days. 

Vicker’s wife has been confronted by members of the drug cartels at their front door.

Then this doctor asked Pelosi:

Do you support President Trump’s proposal to build a border wall and get rid of sanctuary cities in order to protect American citizens?  Most people who’d heard the facts this concerned rancher and husband laid out would immediately demand that the federal government do something to protect American citizens.

Pelosi’s Tone Deaf Excuses

She responded with several BS excuses for why she does not support President Trump’s proposal, and none of them make us safer. Those fake reasons included:

  • Cost – “You and I both know the Mexican government is not going to pay for a border wall.  Where’s that money going to come from?
  • Effectiveness – Pelosi insinuated that a border wall would not protect our borders.
  • Alternatives – Pelosi waxed philosophic about “more technology and manpower” as better alternatives to a border wall.  “We’ll have a better result than thinking that the Mexican government will pay for a wall.”

Perhaps President Trump will wave his “magic wand,” as he did in Indianapolis?

nancy-pelosiOut of curiosity, how would America fund “more technology and manpower,” when she says we don’t have money for a wall?

Disobeying Federal Law Makes Us Safer

To Pelosi, sanctuary cities “make us safer.”  And other border towns should learn from their examples.

“San Francisco is a sanctuary city and we think it makes us safer because “people” (she means illegal aliens) can go to school, get drivers’ licenses, and be witnesses and report crimes…We don’t think we should make our police officers [become] immigration officers.  So we think that the whole idea of sanctuary cities makes us safer.”

Actually, what Pelosi just described was an environment that was safe for illegal immigrants; safe from federal law enforcement.  She never addressed the safety of American citizens.

“California is a border state, too.  And many citizens near the border have expressed their concerns. But, let me say this: You have one experience. Many of my colleagues and I have visited the border in different locations…But in a place like El Paso, for example, it’s a community with a border coming through it. It’s a safer place, because there’s this respect for law and order and everyone there.”

Said the woman who lives on the richest property in America.

I’m not sure how you can confidently assert that any sanctuary city has “respect for law and order” when most sanctuary cities disobey federal law by not reporting the release of criminal illegals to ICE.

KVIA reports that in El Paso law enforcement agencies there work together. When criminals are released, ICE is notified. This is why El Paso is “safe” relative to other sanctuary cities. They obey federal law and deport illegal aliens who commit crimes.

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