Syrian President Admits Trump is Right: Refugees Are Terrorists

Syrian President Bashar Assad has come forward to say Donald Trump is telling the absolute truth.

Among the millions of refugees seeking to relocate to the US, terrorists hide in plain sight.

Leftists portray all refugees as those sweet faces on “feed the children” commercials, but terrorists have been planted in their midst. Remember the saying, “One bad apple spoils the bunch!” Well that’s especially true when it comes to suicide bombers hiding with “women and children” claiming to be refugees.

As Michael Isikoff reports in an exclusive interview with the Syrian President:

syrian president identifies terrorists“You can find it on the Net,” Assad went on: “Those terrorists in Syria, holding the machine gun or killing people, they [appear as] peaceful refugees in Europe or in the West.” He said he couldn’t estimate how many there might be, but he added that “you don’t need a significant number to commit atrocities.” He noted that the 9/11 attacks were pulled off by fewer than 20 terrorists “out of maybe millions of immigrants in the United States. So it’s not about the number, it’s about the quality, it’s about the intentions.”

Assad is not running for president of the United States. I doubt he’s even trying to curry favor with President Trump. But whatever his motives, one thing is clear: he’s speaking the truth.

It’s a Numbers Game

9-11Obama brought in more than 18,000 Syrian refugees. We have no idea who most of these people are, or what atrocities from which they run. Nevertheless, we have admitted them with a porous vetting system. And that’s being kind.

We learned from the FBI director that terror cells exist in all 50 states. We know they can’t all be “home-grown” as the Left seems so fond of pretending.

Are you willing to bet the life of your family and friends that we are terrorist-free?

The math tells us that we have dozens of terrorists in our midst, a direct result of the refugee resettlement program.

Then There are Other Crimes

Obviously death is the worst fate imaginable, but terrorists have also created a rape crisis that remains hidden under the surface of our culture. It’s almost becoming redundant to mention the refugee rape mentality, as the crime happens so often it’s incredible. Story after story of rape, and mostly “gang rapes,” showcase the true nature of these men. They prey upon the innocence of the politically correct.

For the past 8 years America sat back and allowed our borders to weaken. Now the safety of our citizens is in question; leftists don’t seem to care about the terrorists who already slipped through the cracks on Obama’s watch.

Rewind to 2009: Two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists were found living as refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They confessed to attacking U.S. soldiers in Iraq in court.

Trump Deals with Disasters

President Trump didn’t need validation from Assad. He knows that terrorists are hidden among the refugees. This is the reason Trump instituted the travel order.

Protests were quick to pop up, “spontaneously” all over the country, and with pre-printed signs, and lawyers. Yet none of the protesters wanted to take a refugee home with them. Surprised? I doubt it.

Surprisingly, Syrian President Assad doesn’t believe they should all become Americans. When asked about the future of Syria’s 4.8 million refugees, Assad said,

“For me, the priority is to bring those citizens to their country, not to help them immigrate.”

Hmmmm….. sounds like sage advice. Let’s help them go home instead of bringing them here.



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