Two ILLEGALS Released From Prison Murder SANCTUARY CITY Citizens

Not One, But TWO ILLEGALS Released From Prison Murder SANCTUARY CITY Citizens

Denver County’s sanctuary city policy has killed two American citizens in the past four months. Officials refuse to inform ICE when they release criminal illegals.

Timothy Cruz, 32, was murdered at an RTD station on February 8 by an illegal alien in Denver. The gangbanger responsible had been released from prison just weeks before the murder took place.  Now the sheriff is playing the blame game.

Sanctuary cities should be sued for willfully causing the murders of American citizens. These cities cannot be allowed to repeatedly violate federal law.

valdez-vallesOn October 20, 2016, Ever Valles, 19, was arrested for weapons’ possession and vehicle theft. ICE sent a “detainer” notice to the Denver Sheriff informing them that Valles’ criminal history, gang affiliation, and Mexican citizenry made him “an ICE immigration enforcement priority.”  ICE expected Denver jailers to notify them when Valles was about to be released.

The detainer wasn’t honored,” ICE said Friday night in a statement. “He was released by the jail on Dec. 20, 2016, without notification to ICE.

Deflecting areyesccountability, Denver prison officials claimed they sent a fax to the local ICE office at 11:33 p.m. on December 20 about Valles’ impending release.  Valles was released from jail at 11:59 p.m.  ICE officials didn’t receive the fax until 12:37 a.m. the next morning, a half an hour after Valles went free.

On October 30, 2016, Karina Pulec, 28, was struck, dragged fifty feet, and killed in a hit-and-run in Denver. The alleged killer, an illegal alien from Honduras, was deported in 2007, but illegally returned.  Norlan Estrada-Reyes, 27, was twice arrested for crimes in Denver, including driving under the influence. The Denver County Sheriff’s Office released Reyes in 2013 despite ICE asking that he be held. They didn’t bother alerting ICE to Reyes’ 2014 arrest.

Confederate Liberals are Back: Defending States’ Rights over the Security of the Union

Get your hip boots on.  The sheriff defended Denver’s disobedience of federal law:

“The Denver Sheriff Department balances the rights of persons in our custody with requests from other jurisdictions.  But we are part of the criminal justice system and do not hold people on civil matters…Denver has never and will never advocate for felons to remain on our streets.  However, detaining anyone without a criminal warrant is a violation of the 4th Amendment.”

Fact Check: The 4th Amendment is not violated when local jurisdictions hold a criminal illegal for the federal government.  It’s done all the time.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock upholds sanctuary city policies as well:

“If being a sanctuary city means that our law enforcement officers are expected to do the work of federal immigration authorities, or violate the constitutional rights of any of our people, we reject that.”

These people need lessons in constitutional law. What about Karina’s and Timothy’s rights to live?

Trump’s Crackdown

President Trump’s Jan 25 executive order removed sanctuary jurisdictions from eligibility to receive federal grants, ‘except as deemed necessary for law enforcement purposes.’

“Sanctuary jurisdictions across the United States willfully violate federal law in an attempt to shield aliens from removal from the United States. These jurisdictions have caused immeasurable harm to the American people and to the very fabric of our Republic.”

A recent Harvard–Harris poll shows:

“Eighty percent of Americans believe that cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be required to turn them over to federal authorities.”

They already are required to. They just don’t care.  Hundreds of sanctuary cities refuse to report criminal illegals to ICE.  In fact, Reuters found the top 10 sanctuary cities in America annually receive $2.27 billion from the federal government. The utter lack of respect these local officials have for federal law makes them complicit in these murders.  Denver County has blood on their hands.

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