VT Senator Bernie Sanders ADMITS: Democrats on the Titanic

VT Senator Bernie Sanders ADMITS: Democrats on the Titanic

Bernie Sanders tries to make himself look like he’s not part of the Democratic Party.

Bernie Sanders Democrats on the TitanicThe Democratic Party and the Socialist Party are one and the same. Why do you think Democrats so readily embraced Bernie the Loser.

Even after finding out that the deck was stacked against him, Bernie took the money and ran.

He continues to pretend that he wants to change the Democrats.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Sanders implied that the Democratic Party is like the ill-fated Titanic, adding that some Democrats want to go along with the “status quo” and sink with the ship.

Certainly there are some people in the Democratic Party who want to maintain the status quo,”

Sander had been asked if he thought the Democratic Party knew what it stood for.

“They would rather go down with the Titanic so long as they have first-class seats,” Sanders continued.

Spoken like a true hypocrite. We know that Sanders certainly lives large post-election where his candidate lost.

However, what Sanders referenced was what happened the morning after Election Day.

As the NY Times article explained,

On the morning after Election Day, Chuck Schumer’s phone rang. It was Donald Trump. Trump has repeatedly described Schumer as his friend — which, the New York senator was at pains to clarify when we first spoke in mid-February, “isn’t quite true.” There had been the occasional favor; at Schumer’s request, Trump hosted a fund-raiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee at Mar-a-Lago in 2008, and Schumer made a cameo on “The Apprentice” in 2006. Beyond that, Schumer told me: “I bump into him at meetings here and there. We never went out to dinner once. We never played golf together. I sort of knew him.”

One can see that despite a “more than an acquaintance” relationship with Donald Trump, Schumer tried to distance himself. Interesting, given what Schumer saw coming on election night.

On election night, Schumer was at Hillary Clinton’s party at the Javits Convention Center in Midtown Manhattan when, around 8 p.m., he saw some troubling exit polls coming out of Florida and North Carolina. They showed that college-educated women in both states — a demographic that everyone assumed would be a lock — were underperforming for Clinton. Schumer called one of her top campaign advisers, who tried to reassure him. “He says, ‘Don’t worry, our firewalls in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Michigan are strong,’ ” Schumer recalls. “ ‘There’s no way Trump can win.’ ”

All this evidence, and yet Schumer ignored the writing on the wall.

The article continues,

Schumer kept up appearances. He tweeted a photo of himself in front of a catering table with Kate McKinnon, who plays Clinton on “Saturday Night Live” (“I got to congratulate Hillary Clinton — oops, wrong Hillary!”), and then took the stage, leading the crowd in a chant of “I believe that she will win!” But by shortly after 11 p.m., Trump had taken Ohio and North Carolina. The probability dashboards on the data-journalism websites had lurched Trumpward, and an unthinkable future was lumbering into view.

You know the glorious outcome.

Interestingly, Sanders sees Trump’s win as foreboding for the Democrats, and not him. Sanders believes himself to be relevant, despite his obvious contradictions. Sanders is a rich, fat cat, sellout, masquerading as the “common man.”

And let’s face it; Maddow’s snafu didn’t help the Leftists’ cause one iota.

The Democrats have been on the Titanic from the moment Obama took the helm. They put far too much faith in a neophyte, and it bit them in the ass, big time.

They won’t recognize it, until it’s too late. And it is too late.


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