This is one lucky sheriff’s deputy.

First, he’s lucky that the narrative of black people not doing the right thing is false.

Second, he’s lucky that people in America can carry weapons for their protection and the protection of others.

The video below shows you the real life and death scenarios law enforcement finds itself in far too often. The media ignores these dangers in favor of the narrative that police hunt black people.

How many such confrontations happen daily?

You can bet the government doesn’t keep stats on that. Why let people know that guns save many more lives than they take?

black on blackThis attack happened to the Lee County deputy on an I-75 off-ramp early one morning. Witnesses who say they saw the whole thing happen reported that the deputy tried to pull over a man near the Corkscrew exit.

The suspect took off in his vehicle and reached speeds up to 100 miles per hour. Eventually, the driver stopped. Then he got out of his car on an off-ramp and attacked the deputy. You can bet that because of the scrutiny law enforcement officers face by leftists, this officer hesitated and was overwhelmed by his attacker.

The attacker got on top of the deputy and began serious “ground and pound,” as he pummeled the officer.

That’s when witnesses say a third person came over and shot the suspect, who later died.

“There was a lot of other lives that he was putting at risk, including mine and my daughter’s,” said Nicole Ambrosini, who saw it all happen. “I saw a car approaching me from behind at a very fast rate.”

The car driven by the attacker, “then swerved onto the shoulder on the left side and had to have been around 120 miles per hour,” she said, describing how she watched a deputy give chase.

“I saw the deputy and the suspect out of their cars with the doors both wide open and there was some type of altercation.”


“He just kept beating him and beating him,” said Shanta Holditch, another witness to the event.

She said the deputy was pulled out of his patrol car by the suspect, “throwing him to the ground and punching him in all different directions.”

Mr. Smith, another witness on the scene said,

“I heard like three shots. He fell down on top of the police officer…After a moment, the police officer rolled him back over, got on his mic, then rolled over back on the ground besides the guy.”

Just another day in the life of a law enforcement officer. These are jobs most leftists wouldn’t dare do, as they prefer to “back-seat drive” and assess situations of life and death from the comfort of their cocktail parties.


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