Democrat Claire McCaskill LIED About Past Meetings with Russian Ambassador

Democrat Claire McCaskill LIED About Past Meetings with Russian Ambassador

Last night, news broke that Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, while he was still a senator. One of these meetings took place at the GOP convention. Kislyak was among a group of several other ambassadors when he met with Sessions.

Jess C. Scott says: “Hypocrites get offended by the truth!” That’s why Liberals are always in a tizzy. They’re hypocrites who can’t handle the truth.

According to a Wall Street Journal report

…Mr. Sessions spoke with the Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergei Kislyak, while the Republican National Convention was under way in Cleveland last summer, according to his spokeswoman, Sarah Flores. He also spoke with Mr. Kislyak on another occasion last year, in a meeting in his Senate office, she said, clarifying that the meeting was in person and not on the phone as she had initially said.

Nancy Pelosi is cackling like a hen for Sessions to resign. Don’t worry, he won’t; he has recused himself.

Still Pelosi claims Sessions lied about speaking to the Russians. Apparently she can’t understand English. Sessions said he did not speak to the Russians as part of the Trump campaign. His meetings with Russian ambassadors were part of his duties with the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Liberals Manufactured Scandal

It’s becoming more clear each day that Obama staffers planted leaks in the Trump administration. They manipulated classified information to create scandals. Moreso, this idea of the Russians is a decoy Leftists use to detract Americans from the truth. For as long as people are looking to see what’s going on with the Russians, they are missing what’s really going on right here.

Leftists are jumping on the Pelosi bandwagon, calling for Sessions to resign. However, it’s a bit comical for Clair McCaskill to jump aboard the sinking Leftist ship.

McCaskill served on the same committee as Sessions–the Senate Armed Services Committee. Therefore, she is privy to the reason he met with the ambassador. Still McCaskill took her ridicule to Twitter.




Perhaps McCaskill forgot about her dealings with the Russians here?





Oh and then there was THIS meeting, McCaskill conveniently forgot.





Meanwhile, Jeff Sessions just announced that he will recuse himself from a probe into his meetings with Russian ambassadors. It looks like Sessions has nothing to hide. Unlike his Liberal counterparts.




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