ALERT: Hollyweird FREAK TAKES MAJOR STAB at President Trump

ALERT: Hollyweird FREAK TAKES MAJOR STAB at President Trump

Leftist freaks emerge from their rat holes, as now President Trump’s budget goes public.

These people want all their pet projects funded by the government, so now Trump gets put in the crosshairs.

Angelina JolieFor leftists, if Trump isn’t saving every weird animal or curing cancer or AIDS, then he deserves to be publicly whipped. So now that President Trump reduced funding to the United Nations, another Hollyweirdo finds herself incensed.

So what if the U.N. has been the most ineffective organization on the planet? There are more wars waging with the U.N. in existence, than prior to the U.N.’s formation. Yet, for the Left, they just care that the U.N. has tried to end wars.

And what of America’s sovereignty? Since when does America need a consensus on our mission or vision? We’ve proven that we can assimilate a nation of peoples, while simultaneously helping the world at large.

But that’s not enough for some Hollyweirdos. Like Angelina Jolie.

With the divorce looming, Jolie obviously has a bit of free time on her hands. Thus, according to Reuters:

U.N. refugee agency special envoy Angelina Jolie made an impassioned plea on Wednesday for internationalism in the face of wars driving people from their homes and a “rising tide of nationalism masquerading as patriotism”.

The Hollywood actress, speaking at the United Nations in Geneva, called for a renewed commitment to the “imperfect” world body and to diplomacy to settle conflicts.

“If governments and leaders are not keeping that flame of internationalism alive today, then we as citizens must,” Jolie said in the annual Sergio Vieira de Mello lecture honoring the veteran U.N. aid worker killed in a Baghdad bombing in 2003.

“We see a rising tide of nationalism, masquerading as patriotism, and the re-emergence of policies encouraging fear and hatred of others,” she warned.

The rising tide of nationalism? Like that at soccer matches, the Olympics, and negotiating trade deals, for example?

Angelina Jolie could at least pretend she’s not singling out President Trump, as I doubt she would criticize Trudeau of Canada or Nieto-Pena of Mexico for taking advantage of the U.S. in trade deals.

I doubt also that she would criticize all the Muslim countries who refused Muslim refugees.

Jolie did not refer directly to U.S. President Donald Trump whose administration is reviewing its funding of the United Nations and its participation in the U.N. Human Rights Council.

“A lot of the fear we observe today of refugees, of foreigners, is produced by ignorance, often fuelling politicians as well,” she said in response to a question.

“We have to recognize the damage we do when we undermine the U.N. or use it selectively — or not at all — or when we rely on aid to do the job of diplomacy, or give the U.N. impossible tasks and then underfund it.”

These disingenuous Hollywood types amaze me, in that they rarely look at what other countries do. They are U.S.-centric when seeking perfection from countries; a standard to which they hold no other country.

Yet again, we find a person who knows little about the real world attempting to manipulate it. She’s doing so, because she’s a STAR!


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