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NEW APP FOR ILLEGALS: Enables Them to Call for Help When Caught

Illegals come to our country and get entitlements that include smartphones. Don’t try that in Mexico.

Illegals steal from welfare. Then, they receive a taxpayer-funded education. Next, we provide free medical care, yet that’s not enough. Now Leftist offer an app for illegals.

That’s right; legal aid available at the touch of a smartphone app.

According to CNS News,

If you’re an illegal alien who has just been busted by immigration authorities, now there’s an app for that.

Huge, a digital agency, developed and launched the mobile app, Notifica, pro bono to enable illegal aliens to easily and quickly call for help if they’ve been caught. The Notifica app sends pre-loaded, pre-written messages tailored to specific illegal alien-defined recipients, like immigration lawyers and relatives simultaneously – with one click of a button.

A PIN number is required for security purposes and to prevent others from viewing the messages.

The Notifica app debuted in Austin, Texas over the past weekend at the South by Southwest Interactive tech festival. Now, Huge is partnering with the illegal alien advocacy group, United We Dream, to promote the app and encourage its use.

Huge designed the app to be “a panic button for when ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) comes to the door.”

I have a few ideas for a “panic button.”

What if this company designed an app for citizens beaten by illegals? There’s a panic button Jose Luis Oviedo could have used recently.

Police said a Rio Grande Valley veteran who was beaten into a coma by a Honduran national died. Charges against the suspect are expected to be upgraded.

Or how about a panic button for this woman raped by an illegal?

A 34-year-old Newark man has been charged with the rape and the attempted murder a 31-year-old woman he had a dating relationship with in Kearny on Friday.

Note how the media reports the man as a “Newark man”? Richard A. Perez-Andia hailed from

Richard A. Perez-Andia hails from Bolivia. Notwithstanding, he needed a translator when arraigned for his hearing in this crime.

The CNS article continues,

And, in the event that the illegal alien isn’t able to deploy the app when caught, Huge has set up a hotline that may be called later.

So I have an app that mimics the “delay” feature on the illegal’s app. However my app is again for American citizens. So, how about an app that automatically dials authorities when the taxpaying American citizen is killed by an illegal?

So, how about an app that automatically dials authorities when the taxpaying American citizen is killed by an illegal? I’m sure Jamiel Shaw, Jr could have used that app, as could thousands more.

Leftists need to be held accountable for their insanity. 




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